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10 Crazy Things Confiscated By The TSA

10 Crazy Things Confiscated By The TSA

With all the controversy of the Transportation Security Administration’s excessive security measures, frequent updates on their policies and consistent news about passengers getting caught with dangerous and strange prohibited items at security checkpoints, its a wonder how that list of items keeps growing. Here is just 10 of those obviously prohibited or outright illegal items that passengers tried to get through airport security.

10. Live Fish x240

A fish or two may seem harmless but they are strictly prohibited. The passenger knew this as the 240 fish were hidden inside 4 hard suitcases.

9. Batarang

This is one of Batman’s well known weapons. Or simply a Batman symbol knife that is a whopping 7 inches in diameter.

8. Science Project

To the untrained eye (or the TSA), a homemade science project for college can look just like a homemade bomb. As was the case with this school project.

7. Throwing Knives Hidden in Book

Knives for check-in luggage? Okay. Knives for carry-on? Never. This passenger thought he was being clever by packing these in a carved out book. I wonder what he thinks X-ray machines do.

6. Stun Gun Disguised as a Cell Phone

More clever than the guy trying to sneak the knives inside a book but cell phones go through X-ray machines as well. Somehow the passenger didn’t get arrested and was able to board.

5. Flare Gun with Ammo

One can argue that the passenger tried to board a flight with a flare gun with 7 flares just in case the plane went down. But a single flare launched inside an in flight airplane could cause more damage than a single bullet.

4. Live Snakes

Has this passenger not seen ‘Snakes on a Plane”? Terrible movie but you get the point. This guy attempted to sneak 7 snakes and 3 turtles stuffed in women’s stalkings in his pants.

3. Grenades

These real but inert grenades were found in checked luggage, not at a security checkpoint for carry-on. But still, grenades? Not a sword or a gun… grenades!

2. Landmines

I’m not sure what’s worse, grenades or landmines. These landmines also inert were found in checked luggage. But the bomb squad had to investigate on this one causing massive delays and flight rerouting.

1. C-4 Explosive

You’ve seen C-4 in movies, there extremely powerful, versatile and can easily be hidden. Such was the case with this passenger who tried to sneak them on board concealed inside a tobacco can. This was NOT inert. Passenger was obviously arrested.
- Source: TSA Blog

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