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10 Mythic Travel Places to Visit in Greece

10 Mythic Travel Places to Visit in Greece

Any trip to the country of Greece would not be complete without seeing the classic beauty of myth-laden city of Athens. The city is very rich with iconic landmarks and monuments along with archaeological sites and stunning attractions that were all even dispersed in its 3,000-year-old history. Athens is even a museum in its own right with evidences of the embodiments of Greek myth.

The Acropolis

Travel to Acropolis, Greece
Home of the world-famous Parthenon, the Temple of Nike, and the Erechtheion; the Acropolis is a prized historical landmark of the city and of the country. This was supposed to be the foundation of Greek civilization and now stores the ruins of classic Greece.

The Parthenon

Travel to the Parthenon, Greece
Although already in ruins, the Parthenon is the only remaining Doric architecture in Greece. In fact, this is the largest and most popular Greek monument in ruins. Featuring rare sculptures from the Classical Period, this temple is dedicated to Athena, the Greek goddess of knowledge.

The Agora

Travel to The Agora, Greece
During the Classical Period in Greece, the Agora was the center of social, administrative, civic, commercial, and political activities in Athens. Today, a museum has been put up in the area that displays archaeological finds that date 5,000 years way back into the Athenian history.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Travel to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Greece
This structure showed the glorious and grandiose Greek architecture that was once grander than the Parthenon. The temple houses an ivory gold statue of Zeus. Some parts of the temple might have been destroyed but there are still a few columns that are standing up to this day.

National Archaeological Museum

Travel to the National Archaeological Museum, Greece
The classic and neoclassic building of the National Archeological Museum houses architectural and sculptural specimens that were part of the heritage and history of the country. One of the largest and most popular museums in the world makes it very popular among tourists.

Syntagma Square

Travel to Syntagma Square, Greece
Formerly the site of a humongous parliament building, Syntagma Square is a place that houses the most renowned luxury hotels in Athens. This is also the main hub of public transportation so anyone can gain easy access to attractions and shopping centers from here.

Lykavittos Hill

Travel to Lykavittos Hill, Greece
This is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Greek capital city. This is the highest point in Athens and anyone who makes it to the peak should take great pleasure in stunning panoramic views of the city that would make for perfect photographs.

The Benaki Museum

Travel to The Benaki Museum, Greece
Built in 1930, this museum is full of collections of Roman and Byzantine artifacts dating back 8,000 years ago up to this day. Exhibitions and workshops are added bonuses that all the more make this museum a popular destination for tourists.

The National Garden

Travel to the The National Garden, Greece
Athens is not only about architectural landmarks and archeological sites; tourists can also get views of amazing greeneries in the city. The National Garden was designed in the 19th century and features lovely landscaping along with a zoo, botanical museum, playground, and by lakes.

The Byzantine Museum

Travel to The Byzantine Museum, Greece
This museum is the home of the glorious Byzantine art from the 4th to the 19th century. This Florentine-style building also hosts a number of workshops and educational activities as a way to familiarize schoolchildren with the history and art of the Byzantine era.

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