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10 Places That Should be Part of Your Gap Year Travel Plan

10 Places That Should be Part of Your Gap Year Travel Plan

Everybody loves a vacation abroad and students are no exception. Breaks from school in the summer, winter and spring are ideal times for students to travel. Unfortunately many students do not have the ability to save up large amounts of money for vacations. Instead, they must find inexpensive places to travel abroad and save up as much as possible. Even on a tight budget it is possible to enjoy a European adventure or an excursion to a warm island.

Milan, Italy

MILAN GAPYEARMilan is the best place for fashion design students. Milan is ideal for college students because it remains historical with a modern twist, featuring bars, restaurants, historical architecture and parks. Flights to Milan are inexpensive and traveling within the city is affordable thanks to the rail and road networks. Carnival and spring are the best times to visit the city.

Vancouver, Canada

VANCOUVER GAPYEARVancouver is an affordable option because flights are inexpensive and it is possible to drive or take a bus over the border. Flights are quick too; they are just a few hours from anywhere in the United States. Vancouver offers many free and cheap options, such as visiting Granville Island, taking a walk in Stanley Park, hiking through the forest and visiting local museums.

Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO GAPYEARFlights from the States to Puerto Rico are considered domestic so they are cheap. In Puerto Rico, students can relax on the beach or camp outside. Boating, snorkeling, fishing, and hiking near the clear, fresh water are other affordable options. Puerto Rico also hosts tremendous nightlife and affordable accommodations.


IRELAND GAPYEARIreland is one of the most affordable European options for students. It is cheaper during the off-seasons than other destinations and there is much for students to experience. Students can visit Dublin and experience some of the local festivals that Ireland has to offer.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

BUENOS ARES GAPYEARMany students are looking for alternatives to Mexico for spring vacations and Buenos Aires is one of the top choices. It is great for lounging on the beach and learning about the history with guided tours. It is a great choice for group vacations.

Berlin, Germany

BERLIN GAPYEARBerlin is the historical center of Germany, featuring monuments and museums. Berlin is also home to restaurants, pubs and shops that students will find interesting. Public transportation is easy and inexpensive to use.


ROMANIA GAPYEARRomania is a great location for students to go on summer break. It is connected to Western Europe by railway so it is also possible to use Romania as a hub for day trips. Romania is abundant in inexpensive youth hostels for overnight stays. Romania is home to beautiful gardens, shops, historical landmarks and museums.

Budapest, Hungary

BUDAPEST GAPYEARBudapest is an exciting city in Hungary that offers many free and cheap activities for students. Experience some of the rich culture by taking a public bath, shopping or listening to local music.


BAHAMAS GAPYEAROne of the most affordable Caribbean vacation locations is the Bahamas. The Bahamas is home to affordable all-inclusive resorts that will not empty the pockets of students visiting. It is easy to live a luxurious lifestyle for a short amount of time on low funds.

Cancun, Mexico

CANCUN GAPYEARCancun is a popular destination for spring break but students have been deterred from visiting recently due to crime rates in Mexico. Cancun is a cheap option for a vacation and is full of nightlife and beach activity.

There are several ways that students can save up for a big vacation abroad. One way to save is to keep all coins in a separate container when paying with cash. By the end of the year it might be full of coins that can be used to pay for part of a trip. Students can also sell their books on Ebay and save all the money in a Paypal account until the trip. Save money by making coffee instead of going out to buy it every day. Many students also join work study or exchange programs to help save up.

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