Jaidii House Bungalow, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Jaidii House, Chiang Mai, Thailand

-Photo by EVASER


  • Kyra Hudson Says

    I must understand how safe Chiang Mai is, particularly for older traveler who loves to walk a great deal and find out interesting things. Im less than the hanging out stuff this holiday.

  • Ricky ODonnell Says

    What’s the easiest method to benefit from the night life in Bangkok as well as in Chiang Mai. I intend to stay 3-4 days in every places. I really like discos and dancing, so I’m wondering that which was the “Etiquette” or discoing and bar-hopping during these metropolitan areas. Exactly what do you suggest? for instance, is going to be ok to request just one girl to bop? would be the discos usually crowded? and where will be the best spot to spend time?

  • Annette Cutter Says

    Jaidi House is a great hostel for backpackers and in a prime Chiang Mai location.

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