GEAR : REI Vagabond RTW Backpack

Officially named the REI Vagabond Tour 40 Travel Pack, this may very well be the most perfect round the world backpacking backpack ever created.

This rightfully named “Vagabond backpack” is the perfect balance of a small daypack and a massive camping backpack. At a comfortable 38 liters of luggage capacity, this single backpack should be all you need – if you pack right. It’s embarrassing and hard to see fellow backpackers still lugging around the a huge backpack on their backs and a smaller daypack on their front at the same time. Unless your carrying professional photography gear, only one moderate sized backpack like the Vagabond Tour Pack should be with you. If all your gear and clothing doesn’t fit in 30 – 60 liters, then your packing too much for a vagabonding trip.

-Buy this for $129.00 +/-


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