Vagabonding and Relaxing


Vagabonding is About Roaming, Not Racing.

While it doesn’t hurt to have a list of places and sights you want to see, it will be very unlikely you will see all of it. This is fine, its better to fully experience somethings than it is to speed through everything. Never mind the strict scheduling of dictated RTW tickets. Don’t route and plan every specific destination with exact timing – that’s more of a job than a vacation. Just go with the flow and take it no more than 2 steps at a time.

-Photo by EVASER


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  • Hugo Zerpa Says

    I completely agree when it comes to vagabonding / backpacking. You should take it real slow and try to experience a few things instead of sampling a bit of everything.

  • Malcolm Hudson Says

    Like calm, or relaxing, or slow tunes. Don’t misunderstand me, I love when Chester does screamo, however i like calm tunes. What exactly are some?

    I understand

    Shadow during the day

    Omit All Of The Relaxation

    Awaiting The Finish

    and Valentine’s Day…

    What exactly are some calm tunes from LP?

  • Xbox Gamer Says

    My first slow dance was akward so i wish to understand how to make the next better .. (it had been since i did not be aware of guy) I am 15 incidentally.

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