Drinking and Backpacking Tip

You can be relatively care free and go all out partying back at home or a familiar environment. But there are a few guidelines to go by when drinking (or other favors) in a new and unfamiliar country:

1) Don’t venture too far from your hotel / hostel as getting back late night could be a difficult task.

2) Try to confirm a ride back before getting drunk by making sure taxis are available close by and late.

3) Be extra careful of safety in regards to you and your belongings as being a drunk tourist makes you a prime target for thieves.

4) Stick to a friend or with groups as this significantly increases your safety and knowledge of the surrounding area.

5) Only get piss drunk if your accommodations is in walking distance and you have nothing to do the following day.

-Photo by EVASER


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  • Elinor Tuten Says

    I am graduation June, 2012 and can most likely be backpacking with a few buddies after senior year. We’re searching around 5-6 nations for 3-4 days. To date, it appears like Slovenia, Italia, France, Netherlands, and Ireland (also possibly A holiday in greece). You want to ensure that it stays mostly low key with activities for example hiking, visiting the beach, eating local food, some consuming, etc as it is prime tourist season. We don’t intend on investing a lot more than around 50 pounds each day. Does anybody have advice concerning transportation, quantity of nations, time put in nations, places to visit, or other things that might be useful?

  • Janet Somerville Says

    Backpacking and drinking!

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