Vagabonding And Not Checking Luggage

A Vagabond Should Travel Light Enough to Carry Everything With Ease.

If your checking luggage at the airport, your doing it wrong. Many backpackers will probably disagree but your packing too much or the luggage is simply larger than it should be for RTW travel. Other than the obvious size of the backpack you will have to lug around, there’s the additional baggage fees, waiting and searching at baggage claim, looking goofy or worse – looking like the classic overpacked tourist. Get a smaller main backpack that can be carry on and a smaller daypack if necessary.

-Photo by EVASER

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  • mrankinmatt Says

    Let me look for a backpack that may both continue an plane like a carry-on and that i could easily take with you for any weekend in Europe travelling. Suggestions? Frame is not important, as lengthy as it is well-built.

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