Vagabonding and Backpacking Romance / Flirting

Backpacking And Flirting

The Vagabond’s Method of “Picking Up” Another Traveler For Romance…

Making friends with other backpackers is easy, its inevitable and will occur often in your travels. But what if you want something romantic and your shy so you want him or her to initiate contact? Try acting lost (or better yet, be actually lost) and make sure he or she notices – there’s a good chance the “target” will approach you and strike up a conversation. If he or she is lost as well, ask them where they are trying to get to and say, “no way, so was I! or “would you like to find it together?”. If they seem uninterested in you, nothing is lost including your dignity. It sure beats 99.99% of any possible pickup line. Remember that you and fellow backpackers and vagabonds already have much in common even if your from completely different parts of the world.

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  • Maggie Saucier Says

    Romance and dating while travel backpacking is so much easier and possible.

  • LN13 Says

    I know for cruises there is and things like that but is there a way where you can meet other backpackers on trips to like the Philippians and Thailand to meet up with in advanced?

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