Hostel and Guesthouse Computer Security Tip

Hostel Computers Are Great For Travel But Potentially The Least Secure.

Many hostels nowadays have public computers with internet access which is a godsend to those that need it. And internet cafes are also aplenty. But the thing is, often times when you do need it, its for personal things – meaning accessing sites that require your passwords, credit card numbers, Facebook logins, emails and other sensitive information. This simple tip should be used backpacking or in your home country; never opt for the “save username / password” option when logging in on a public computer. The reason should be obvious. Most people almost always saves the password at their favorite websites, on their own computer – as a habit. Make it a habit to do the opposite during your travels.

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  • Michael Shaw Says

    my boyfriend lately designed a profile on and that he is speaking with women from that website whom he calls old buddies. i understand his password and that i drenched on today. i discovered he has given them his msn address and requested these to meet personally. he’s also said excitedly about me but nonetheless these were like a lot more than buddies. the women call him up honey, darling, etc. i’m very angry right now. i wish to split up with him. what must i do?

  • Scorch Delta-62 Says

    I managed to get on my small msn account and so i don’t recieve facebook notices whatsoever. I lately had a rim enabled my email and facebook. My email works fine however i get My facebook notices and it is annoying. Can there be anyway to disable this?

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