DESTINATION : Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is Also Home to Penguins, in Africa.

Home to the famous colony of African Penguins and enclosed by 540 million year old granite boulders. This expensive to get to backpacker trail is hidden in the Cape Peninsula near Simon’s Town, not far from Cape Town, South Africa. Boulders Beach is divided into several sheltered bays and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. Although swimming with the penguins is not permitted, there are areas where you can get close to the colony with paid admission. Further reading: Cape Town Beach Guide

-coordinates: -34.17431693701008, 18.455657958984375

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  • Xedo Says

    I understand its legal. However I want a pleasant little African penguin and I must know where you’ll get one and just how much shiny things cost in sc.

  • Christopher J Says

    Can you swim only in designated beach areas?
    If we don’t have a boat, but are looking to swim, would it be worthwhile?
    On a weekend like the 4th of July, is there enough “swimmable” shore available to make it seem like it is not crowded?

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