DESTINATION : Naha Harbor Treehouse Restaurant

Naha Harbor Treehouse Diner is a Restaurant in a Tree.

An incredible but life-size imitation banyan tree with an actual pan-Asian restaurant. Rightfully located in Onoyama Park, Okinawa, Japan. All ingredients are derived from locally grown and harvested fresh for all you dedicated backpacking foodies. Despite the fact that this restaurant is not on top of an actual tree, it is about as unique as it gets and worth the side trip for some dinner.

-coordinates: 26.208892688128724, 127.67477989196777


  • ipod87 Says

    Outide home…there’s one v old banyan tree(it comes down to 200 years old tree)as my grandma and grandpa explained once.

    Since past 6 several weeks the tree’s growth has stoped and it is losing all it’s leaves also it look horrible with hardly couple of leaves and also the tree looks v sick.

    The tree is situated in the heart of our society’s street and that i would love to locate any solution or strategy to the maturing tree….is the any Tree saving organisation trying to save trees??

    I am living within Jalandhar town of Punjab in India and it is their such organisation in Punjab??

  • Gary Williams Says

    I ate there. The food is not great but still really cool place to actually see.

  • maskills24 Says

    While backpacking in Japan, we went to this treehouse restaurant, awesome place but mediocre food.

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