DESTINATION : Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a Backpacking Haven.

Facing the Mediterranean Sea with the mountains at her back, this capital of Catalonia is the second largest city in Spain (behind Madrid) but is one of the world’s leading tourist and cultural centers. On the biting edge of architecture, food, fashion, style and music, this exciting city is unforgettable. Backpacking in Barcelona is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the world but more affordable than most of Europe. Photo by Ltce

-coordinates: 41°23′N, 2°11′E


  • Noemi Madero Says

    I’m confused whether i ought to remain in Andalusia instead of visit Barcelona and madrid. I must come with an authentic experience with The country. I’d appreciate any suggestions or comments.

  • Stella Sotelo Says

    We’re 18 years old American vacationers, and will also be in Europe, and therefore are allotting five days to The country. Our previous destination is going to be Nice. Don’t let visit Barcelona or Madrid? That has better night life? Also we speak The spanish language although not Catalan. We do not wanna split five days between both. Thanks!

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