Taking Buses In Developing Countries

Your Bus Ride Will be Late and Difficult, But That’s Okay.
The bus system in the United States (and probably your home country) is extremely reliable and is rarely ever late by more than a few minutes, at least for the major lines. But not so much in developing countries. Depending on how “deep” you are in any given developing country, a scheduled 5 hour bus ride can extend to 8, 10 or more. The seats and the actual ride will most likely feel cheap and dirty, but than again the cost for the ride was probably close to nothing. So take that into account. Don’t bitch or make a scene, expect it – go with the groove, as the locals and jaded vagabonds do. Its part of the charm and experience of travel.

Taking long distance buses also gives you a chance to see parts of a country no train, taxi, subway, donkey or a pair of legs can take you. Think of it as an uncomfortable but inexpensive road adventure. Besides, if your taking such a long bus ride it probably means there is no other way to get to your destination.

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  • Maricela Rothrock Says

    It had been undoubtedly a long bus ride I ever required. Rides usually take under a few minutes, for the most part and also the one at Doha required a lot more than 15.

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