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A US Waiver Could Save Your Dream Vacation

Before planning your dream vacation, there are a few good questions to ask yourself. “Will I need to deal with US Immigration?” “Have I ever had any issues with US Immigration?” “Do I have what I need to avoid complications such as a US Waiver?”

Let’s face it, in today’s society a great majority of us are basically working for vacations. A much needed escape from the mundane routine of our everyday lives. We crave a change of pace, some time to sit back and reflect, to spend quality time with our loved ones without the stresses of daily life. And really, there are some absolutely stunning places in this world that simply must be seen, and for many the only way to do this is by taking small vacations here and there when we can.

Maybe your dream vacation is hiking the great Machu Picchu of Peru, or walking the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain. Or maybe, it simply involves a tropical beach destination at an all- inclusive resort where you can bathe in the sun for hours sipping pina coladas and cooling off in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea.

Wherever your dream vacation may take you, be sure you are prepared in every way to ensure a smooth and successful travel experience. Lean from others misfortunes, do your research, and have a US Waiver in hand if you need one. Imagine this; you have planned your entire trip, booked your holiday time, arranges for someone to look after the house , rounded up family or friends to coordinate their holidays with you and off you go. Everything is going just as planned and then you hit the US for one of your connecting flights. Everyone funnels off the plane to proceed through US Immigration. You think nothing of it. As your group approaches the counter everyone is let through and for some the US Immigration officer stops you and begins asking a lot of questions. Much more than they did for anyone else. Before you know it they are asking you into their interrogation room for further questioning. Then it dawned on you the incident from 6 years ago where the US Immigration officer on duty refused you entry to the US because you looked ‘Suspicious’. Bet you wish you applied for a US Waiver? Then you could have moved through without complications.

This is a common occurrence with the US, where border officials can deny you entry for any reason they see fit, whether their reasoning is true or false. If you have ever had an issue with US Immigration and plan on traveling through again; even if only on a connecting flight, then it is highly recommended that you look into a US Waiver . It truly could make the difference between your dream vacation and no vacation at all.

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  • Fly_As_Any_Pilot Says

    im an all natural born us citizen however i gave birth within the philippines… im trying to get my daughter plus they explained which i required to send the papers towards the us immigration office there..i’m wondering basically could do her paper works within the u . s . states rather than delivering it towards the philippines? and when what exactly should i do? help me,i simply need info on this..thanks!

  • Louisa Ellman Says

    I’ll provide the best response to whomever has got the vacation dream as near as to the mine is :) * challenging sky’s the limit!

  • Molly Griego Says

    My dream vacation is A holiday in greece.

    BQ: What’s your preferred spot to visit and just how many occasions are you currently there?

    Me- Paris, I have only been once. It had been my graduation present.

  • Deborah Holliday Says

    Did you and your family have the ideal vacation? Where have you go? What have you do? And, did the holiday meet your dreams?

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