DESTINATION : Las Lajas Sanctuary

Las Lajas Sanctuary is one of those places you may see in a Lord of the Rings type of movie and say, “that looks fake yet amazing, but would love to go there”. But this castle like structure isn’t in New Zealand or Middle Earth, its located in the Colombian Department of Nariño, hidden in the canyons of the Guáitara River. A must-see for South American backpacking.

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  • Johnny Vouyioukas Says

    I am likely to visit South Usa this season for that second time round.

  • Grace Alabiso Says

    Exactly What Do U Think About COLOMBIA!!!!!?????!!!!!

  • Rachel Philibert Says

    The device is perfect for my very own use to operate my farm in Colombia, i’m a u.k national with colombian residency.

  • Anne Felton Says

    I understand how much $ 1 is within Colombian pesos but the number of pesos does bread cost or a set of jeans? What I am attempting to request is by using dollars, am i saving cash in colombia, in comparison to purchasing something in the usa?

    Im happening vacation there.

  • Malinda Shurtliff Says

    Exactly What Do U Think About COLOMBIA!!!!!?????!!!!!

  • EzioAuditore1459 Says

    My buddies and that i are searching for a pleasant backpacking trip somewhere within the western U . s . States. Most of us have the required equipment for backpacking however the only condition is that we’ll have 2 dogs around too.

    Can someone advise a nice trip that people might take?

    I’m considering doing area of the Lake tahoe Rim Trail, but we’d be up for nearly anything. Thanks!

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