GEAR : Thule Crossover Travel Daypack

The Crossover 19L Sling Daypack by Thule

The main backpack may be the most important item to any backpacker or vagabond, but the daypack is often the most used and abused. While your heavy load backpack sits at your hostel, your trusty daypack is with you while your out. You need something that is tough yet light, easily accessible, versatile and just the right size. This uniquely designed sling backpack by Thule nails it.

This backpack daypack is feature rich with so many clever details it will make you a more efficient and organized traveler in a perfect 19 liter capacity. The main compartment is obviously for the larger items like clothing but the great part is the padded slit pocket perfect for laptops up to 15″. The mid compartment has multiple sub pockets perfect for snacks, toiletries, pens and other small gear. The flat compartment is ideal for your passport, documents, tickets and maps. There is a semi-hidden pocket on the side made specifically for water bottles and can be easily grabbed due to the angle. And finally there is a compartment on the lone strap that would work great with sunglasses, smart phones, iPods, wallet or any other small item that you need constant access to.

The build quality on the Thule Crossover Sling Pack is exceptional. The materials, stitching and design is all top notch. The hardware is made from a strong aluminum and the fabric is a tough but light and water-resistant nylon. The design of this backpack really had a vagabond in mind. Most of the material that physically touches the body is made with a highly breathable mesh material and the back panel has airflow channels for maximum ventilation. For varying comfort, there are 2 different grab handles to increase the maneuverability of the backpack.

This backpack by Thule is one of the best made and though of travel daypacks on the market and well worth the price. If your a minimalist backpacker or vagabond, this could be your main and only backpack needed for your round the world journey

- Buy this for $99.95

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  • DebOra GE kOam Says

    It appears pretty tactical and military.

  • Hannah Chihuahua Says

    I have this and another bag from Thule, surprisingly good.

  • Super Sack Boy Says

    Title the company and color to if you’re able to. I’ve got a black Jordan sling bag using the silver logo design. I am really bored.

  • Loretta Neale Says

    I get a killer deal on the Yakima Steelhead rack. I’m setting up it on the Thule base system. Anybody understand what hardware along with a spot to purchase it online?

  • Malinda Shurtliff Says

    Title the company and color to if you’re able to. I’ve got a black Jordan sling bag using the silver logo design. I am really bored.

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