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2014 Will Literally Start At Kiritimati Island

2014 Will Literally Start At Kiritimati Island

Kiritimati / Christmas Island is a Tropical Paradise and The First Inhabited Place on Earth to Experience The New Year, Every Year.
Kiritimati is part of an island nation, the Republic of Kiribati on the Oceania or Australia continent. It lays just 144 miles from the equator and a 4200 mile travel from Sydney. This unique location puts Christmas Island at the most forward time zone, UTC +14 to be exact. Kind of like where time begins.
Having such a trait no other place can claim, it makes sense that Christmas Island is not only a truly exotic destination but the very definition of a paradise. Its not just an island, its a [raised coral atoll] with a size of 124 square miles and a vast lagoon just as big within it. The beaches speak for themselves, world class and pure. There are about 5000 inhabitants living peacefully with the variety of rare species as the entire island is a Wildlife Sanctuary.
Being such a remote island, transportation is scarce but not difficult. The nearest airport is Cassidy International Airport with flights only on a once a week or monthly schedule. If your sick of the usual New Year’s Eve celebration destinations like New York’s Times Square, Christmas Island could very well be the most unique place to end and start a year.
-coordinates: 01°52′N 157°24′W

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