Too old to go backpacking?

FAQ : Am I Too Old To Go RTW Backpacking?


– No. Never.

Backpacking around the world for an extended (indefinite = vagabond) with just a backpack can crudely be considered another form of travel and vacationing. With that said, there is no age limit of travel. The difference however is that backpacking is a far more deep, adventurous and enduring experience. So while age does not matter, moderate physical and mental health does apply.

Note to the kiddies: In your travels staying at hostels and guesthouses, you will run into “mature” or “senior” backpackers more often than you might expect. Talk to them. They often have some of the best travel stories and a unique perspective of world travel.

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  • kgen Says

    I plus this. There is no age limit to backpacking.

  • Taylor G Says

    I want to explore the world, but at the same time I do that I want to contribute labor/food and water to the people in need around the world.
    Is this entirely possible for a college student to do with a limited amount of funds?
    If I save enough money can I do this? How could I?

  • jdubdoubleu7704 Says

    I am going to rio de janeiro with my church for world youth day and they kind of let us do whatever we want to in our group when we have time to go site seeing and i believe we are there for about 7 days and we are sleeping in a field kind of almost backpacking around and i was just wondering what places i have to go see we are going at the end of july into august 2013

  • _marky_mark_ Says

    I would like to book an organised around the world trip. Maybe not quite backpacking but more of an adventurous holiday with 3-5 different destinations. Can anyone offer any tips or advice?


  • alberto s Says

    In your opinion, where would be the best places to go backpacking in the world? Why and what attractions are there?

  • ericmreitz Says

    When I go traveling, I will be going by myself and I will want to travel with other people, so how do I ensure I meet other people if I’m 40+ years old?

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