VIDEO : The Secret Life of Checked Luggage

I firmly believe that when it comes to backpacking travel, you should only pack way below the carry on limit and never check luggage. But this isn’t always possible if your traveling with extensive gear for photography or heavy trekking. This video shows the behind-the-scenes travel of a checked bag as it makes its flight from Atlanta to New York. A side of travel very few have witnessed first hand.

The video is very high quality filmed by a custom made luggage case with 6 cameras on varying angles, almost too good. What I mean is that its not all that candid as its produced by Delta Airlines flying on a Delta flight. It also seems like the people who handles the camera luggage knows what it really is as if they were told to be extra gentle by their superiors. But in any case, it is an interesting clip that will give you a unique perspective on travel.

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  • Peter - HostelsClub Says

    wow, what an interesting concept. It’s like being on a roller-coaster

  • Marcie Carew Says

    I always wondered what the hell goes on with my poor backpack while traveling through the underbelly of airports.

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