`PHOTO : Costa Concordia Shipwrek From Space

PHOTO : Costa Concordia Shipwrek From Space

In current travel related news, the cruise ship disaster of Costa Concordia which occured on January 13th is probably the biggest headline. The location of this tragedy was off the coast of Giglio, Italy. This satellite photo was taken by Digital Globe on January 17th, 2012.

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  • It looks soooo, fake. Surreal.

  • Carla C Said Says

    will an italian man , government enhance the Costa Concordia? And produce it right into a shipyard.

    there’s an estimate,

    Civil Protection, the company that’s running the save effort, ……. Additionally, it states it intends to take away the remains

    remains is ship?

  • Kasey Smith Says

    The costa Concordia: Also known as the cruiseship that expected over from the coast of the Italian island since the captain wasn’t following protocol. I must discover what cruise line that ship goes to for example Circus or Norwegian, despite the fact that i doubt it thinking about its and Italian cruiseship.

  • Anne Felton Says

    What type of equipment unsuccessful to create officials aware around the Costa Concordia that there have been rocks along with a potentially harmful area to sail the ship ?

  • Marcia Hester Says

    The way they recover the Costa Concordia from the current ‘home’? What’s going to they are doing by using it? The way they transport it?

  • This article has inspired me to start focusing on my own blog

  • Harriett Legler Says

    In the Costa Concordia cruise accident, what claims for damages, if any, perform the making it through people have?

    What responsibility, if any, does the Cruise Line Company have when the Captain committed an error?

    What responsibility does the Cruise Line Company have for that failure from the crew to securely evacuate all people?

  • Janet Somerville Says

    Just how much larger than titanic was costa concordia? Very topical question, I believe

  • Cecilia Osburn Says

    The way they recover the Costa Concordia from the current ‘home’? What’s going to they are doing by using it? The way they transport it?

  • Marcie Thach Says

    Right now, you’ve likely all learned about the current report from the Costa Concordia cruiseship that went aground off Italy’s coast needing a purchase to “Abandon Ship”. This disaster has led to twelve known casualties with 20+ still missing. How does one start tallying the expense of the disaster?

    Also, How does one put an expense towards the lost lives and missing people?

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