VIDEO : BASE Jumping The Sands SkyPark In Singapore

On the first day of 2012, seven BASE jumpers plunged off the top of the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands is the most expensive casino hotel ever built with a height of 191 meters. The SkyPark is a… park in the sky where the BASE jumping took place. The professional jumpers are Marta Empinotti, James Pouchert, Amanda Vicharelli, Anne Helliwell, Tim Mattson, Brendon Cork and Jeb Corliss.

Directed and edited by Snow R. Shai.

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  • I don’t know know whats cooler, the base jumping off a casino or the insane pool.

  • Gabu_L_N Says

    I’m interested in taking a swim in the gorgeous infinity pool there, but not if it means having to shell out $520 to stay in the hotel for a single night..

    While I’m aware that the public is allowed to access the sky garden for a small fee ($20 if I’m not mistaken), are we allowed to use the pool as well, or is being a hotel guest the only way?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

  • juicy Says

    do you know the audience that Marina Bay Sands aims for everyone?

    it is possible to certain age bracket?

  • Bill Koester Says

    I am considering going to next December and also the cheapest cost at this time is S$399. I question in the event that cost increases inside a couple of days or month. So I’ll know when you should choose to have my bookings. Could it be worthwhile to consider that cost now?

  • Kelly Wilson Says

    http://world wide –> Is not it harmful? without any limitations. people might accidentally pass that although go swimming (or it is simply my thought?)

    Can someone explain about its rules of safety? Can there be any occurrences happen becasue it is opened up? Where perform the water falls on?

  • skillz Says

    Could it be recomended to first sky dive a couple of occasions before trying to base jump,say from the bridge?

  • Janet Somerville Says

    Who’s Marina Bay Sands TV Ad model in Starworld/Discovery/etc. I believe I am deeply in love with her, so so pretty.

  • Opal Morrill Says

    I am thinking about going for a go swimming within the gorgeous infinity pool there, although not whether it means needing to spend out $520 to remain in your accommodation for any single evening..

    While I am conscious that the general public is permitted to gain access to heaven garden for a small charge ($20 if I am not mistaken), shall we be permitted to make use of the pool too, or perhaps is as being a hotel guest the only method?

    Thanks ahead of time for the solutions!

  • Heidi Cabrera Says

    i will singaproe

    i wish to make sure should i possess a proper costume to use the pool in the sky park ??

    i would like a solution using the proof !!!


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