ChicoBag Micro Keychain Tote Review

GEAR : ChicoBag Micro Keychain Tote Review

The Micro is the perfect backpacking companion travel bag.

The most ideal way to vagabond around the world is to bring a main backpack and a much smaller daypack. Both should be transportable on your person at the same time comfortably and efficiently, but sometimes you need just a little bit more cargo space. The general rule is that when you first start traveling, both your backpacks should not exceed 85% capacity to compensate for purchases and disorganized packing, which results in taking up more space. Sometimes, a third bag is necessary but the market is nearly nonexistent with such products to fit this category. The ChicoBag Micro Keychain Tote is just the bag for this.

“The Micro is made of ultra-lightweight, durable micro-ripstop fabric that is strong enough to hold a bowling ball yet compact enough to fit in your pocket.”

What separates ChicoBag Micro from other similar use bags is the impossibly small portability and surprising durability. When “packed”, the Micro is literally the size and shape of an egg yet compressable to a much smaller size and weighs next to nothing. When unstuffed from within itself, it expands to the size of a small to medium sized grocery / shopping bag. The Micro would be a great addition to your daypack gear (or even your pocket if a daypack is unnecessary) to use at the market, souvenir shopping, food, laundry, shoes or any time you suddenly need a bag. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but saves you a little money from the many countries that charge you for plastic shopping bags at shops.

The construction of the Micro Tote is well crafted and quite cleverly designed. The bag has a sewn in bag to pack within itself which is very easily convertible. Stuffing the bag in is incredibly easy and fast, just shove it in there as there is no need to carefully insert it with a specific method. Once packed, you have a very compact bag with a handy cord to secure it. The Micro Tote can be clipped to your backpack or pants with the tiny but useful carabiner clip or simply put it in your pocket or backpack with limited bulk and even less weight.

Although there are only a small handful of these types of bag companies, ChicoBag is the clear leader in product quality, design, style and even customer service. The Micro from ChicoBag should be part of your essential gear list for short term holidays and especially long term around the world travel.

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  • Anthony Murphy Says

    Shut up and take my money!!! lol, buying these as we speak.

  • Stella Sotelo Says

    I am carrying out a three month backpacking trip through Europe this summer time. I want a backpack that may hold enough gear, but continues to be light, then one that’s waterproof. I’d like something which has a pouch for any water bladder. I have done some investigation, consider I’ve little experience, I am wishing someone can provide me good quality options and plans.

  • hank baseballs Says

    Today at lunch, some genius made the decision to spill ketchup on my small backpack. I went in to the bathroom and attempted to wash it with cleaning soap, also it labored there is however still a stain. How do you understand this out? I can not really clean it because it features a leather-like material at the base. The colour from the backpack is sort of a creamish color, and there is newspaper designs onto it in black.

  • whites are not the only racists Says

    What type of backpack could be great for seventh grade?

    I am in seventh grade, and I’m not sure what type of backpack I ought to get. I am in laptop program inside my school, therefore it should have the ability to fit a laptop inside. I should not get anything too costly. Just something which lasts the entire year. Must I obtain a backpack? Handbag? And just what brand?

  • Boo Cookie Says

    I carry my laptop to college inside a regular backpack. Will this damage it? Must I stuff sponges within the compartment I put it directly into minimize shock?


  • brincks26 Says

    I’m interested in once the modern backpack really began becoming common in schools using one of the overall population. When I only say “modern”, I am talking about what we should think about whenever we think about backpacks today–polyester/nylon material/etc bags with multiple pockets, zips, and so on.

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