3 Things a Backpacker Should Know About Budget Travel

3 Things Backpackers Should Know About Budget Travel

Going on cheap holidays by backpacking may be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t have all the information you need. You may be tempted to leave everything to chance and use your common sense, but if you really want to save, then this is not the right way to go.

Budget backpacking travel entail careful research and planning. You should be able to know as much as possible about the place you are going to. This way, you will be able to make decisions based on fact and not on guesses. Here are some lesser-known facts that every person going on cheap holidays must know.


Backpacking Budget TravelA budget is one of the things you have to figure out first when planning your cheap holidays. Everything that goes into the travel itinerary has to fall within the prescribed budget. Only when the budget has been planned you are free to move on to choosing airlines, hostels, activities, and the like. Once you have an amount in mind, you must do all you can to stay within that limit. This doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on everything you wish to do. You may have room for some luxuries here and there if you know when and where to cut corners.

Travel Sites

Hostel World Travel websites offer tips and instructions on how to remain within your budget for the entire trip. They also show the possible activities that can be enjoyed within the area, allowing you to choose which of them you are interested in joining. Aside from this, they also contain information on possible accommodations. They can also keep you informed on the taxes and other such fees that you can expect when you reach your destination. This ensures that you will be prepared for such charges and you won’t be caught unaware.

Earlier is Not Always Better

Sleeping at AirportMany travel experts advise people going budget backpacking to plan ahead as early as possible. This allows them to get an idea of the price trends of travel necessities and to adjust their travel plans accordingly, so that they would be able to buy at lower rates. While this is applicable for airline flights and even tourist attractions, this is not always the case for accommodations.

Hotel and hostel often have reservation fees that they charge to those who book their rooms in advance. These fees may be unnecessary because, especially during off-peak seasons, there would still be rooms available at these hotels even when there are no reserved rooms. Also, some hotels have something called a daily rate. This daily rate is given to walk-in customers. They are given a much lower price to convince them to check in. This allows the rooms to be sold out much faster.

Keep in mind that not all hotels have daily rates. Chain hotels tend to have more customer and thus, they don’t need to offer daily rates to make their rooms move faster. These daily rates are most common among privately owned hotels and they are perfect for those who want to enjoy cheap holidays.

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  • nony Says

    i’m a student in college and will now be frequenting your blog until I actually start backpacking, thanks for the tips!

  • Ashley Droze Says

    I love how if you can budget your backpacking trip just right, its often cheaper than regular living back at home.

  • Goe122 Says

    Would like to take a year off and go back backing with my boyfriend before we get married and have babies!

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