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A Few of The Best Cities in Which To Sin…

We all need a little excitement in our lives, and let’s face it vices aren’t vices because we dislike them. Whatever you’re into there are cities all over the globe that will cater for your whim. And we’re not talking seedy; we’re talking good fun and maybe something a little unusual.

Berlin, Germany

Travel to Berlin for Sin...

Travel to Berlin for Sin…

Leather chaps a-go-go! As anyone who has watched late night TV in a German hotel while away on business knows, these European types are a little more liberal than most. In Berlin, this is celebrated. If it’s made of leather, rubber or latex and comes with a whip, someone will be wearing it Berlin. S&M is big business. What else would you expect from the city that was the first to establish an institute for sexual science?

Manama, Bahrain

Travel to Manama for Sin...

Travel to Manama for Sin…

Manama might not be as wild as you would expect. But it’s about context. Manama is the party capital of the Middle East. Laws are relaxed massively in this city which is connected to Saudi Arabia by a causeway. As you can imagine weekends see an influx of visitors flooding the city to make the most of its less stringent laws. Down side of this is if you really want to go crazy in Manama, you might need to queue for the pleasure.

New Orleans, USA

Travel to New Orleans for Sin...

Travel to New Orleans for Sin…

Mardi Gras! What could be better?! New Orleans is a hedonistic and seductive mix of blues, beads and boobs. It’s the French Quarter you’ll want to set up camp in. It’s where all the action is just ask American Senator David Vitter. He was caught enjoying one of the more illegal ‘pleasures’ of the city, I think she was called Lafawndah (that’s a guess, I have no idea what she was called). Also the food’s pretty good.

Las Vegas, USA

Travel to Las Vegas for Sin...

Travel to Las Vegas for Sin…

It’s the pleasure capital of the world. A paradise of vice, offering sensation overload pretty much across the board for anyone who’s willing to indulge. Notable treats for none Americans is the chance to be able to present a driving licence in a gun store and then go out back and fire pretty much any weapon of your choosing. Uzi 9mm. Sin here and nobody even blinks, it’s why it’s there.

Tijuana, Mexico

Travel to Tijuana for Sin...

Travel to Tijuana for Sin…

As wild as the movies suggest, Tijuana is literally just over the US border. Once you’ve crossed over laws literally dissipate and the choice of more insalubrious activities are almost endless. It’s an idea to not overload on the Tequila though, because local law enforcement is also pretty liberal, especially when it comes to out-of-towners. Keep your wits about you or end up paying hefty ‘fines’ or spending time in the drunk tank.

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  • Malinda Shurtliff Says

    Yup, was gonna say the same about Bangkok…

  • Eberhard Says

    You forgot Bangkok, Thailand as a sin city but good list though.

  • che-che Says

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  • jordenkotor Says

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