Top 5 Places Everyone Must Visit Before They Die

There are a few key places that everyone should consider visiting before they die. Reasons for making these visits can range from simply appreciating some of the greatest man made structures in the world, through to exploring some of the planet’s most beautiful areas.

In all cases, it is worth taking the time to truly appreciate and explore locations, while also appreciating their history and the great cultural significance still placed on them in their respective countries.

From the Taj Mahal in India, through to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the following list represents top destinations for anyone looking for a memorable experience.

Taj Mahal

Backpacking the Taj Mahal

Backpacking the Taj Mahal

Located near the Indian city of Agra, the Taj Mahal has long been considered one of the most distinctive examples of architecture in the world. Designed by Mumtaz Mahal for his wife, the Taj Mahal represents the epitome of Muslim art during the Mughal period of India’s history. 130 foot tall minarets overshadow large gardens and decoration that features extensive individual riches. Tours through the Taj Mahal can take the better part of the day, which gives you the time to truly appreciate its history and the scale of its architectural triumphs.

The Great Wall of China

Backpacking the Great Wall of China

Backpacking the Great Wall of China

Believed to have its origins in the 7th Century BC, the Great Wall of China was gradually expanded over following centuries to become one of the largest man made structures on Earth. While the belief that it can be viewed from space is somewhat dubious, seeing the Wall up close makes you appreciate its true size and the engineering feat that it presented. The structure of the wall is made up of a number of materials, and different points have relevance both to the Wall’s history as a border through mainland China, and as a trading post.

The Grand Canyon

Backpacking the Grand Canyon

Backpacking the Grand Canyon

Another natural sight that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated, the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and over a mile deep in places. The Arizona canyon stretches out over a plain that has long been the hunting and settlement grounds for Native Americans, and forms part of the Colorado River Basin. Visitors can take in the size of the Canyon through a helicopter ride, while those that walk or drive through the National Park that encompasses the Canyon can appreciate the area’s diverse plant and wildlife.

Zen Garden

Backpacking the Zen Garden

Backpacking the Zen Garden

Perhaps the most important Zen Buddhism garden in the world, the Garden in Kyoto forms part of a temple in the central part of Japan. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Garden is believed to be dated back to the 11th century, and has served as a mausoleum for different Japanese emperors. The Garden itself is primarily composed of stones, with minimal vegetation, but is surrounded by nearby water gardens and other examples of Buddhist art and worship.

Great Barrier Reef

Backpacking the Great Barrier Reef

Backpacking the Great Barrier Reef

Visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of Queensland in Australia. The coral reef is host to thousands of marine species, including some of the rarest examples of fish and underwater life. Boat tours and deep sea diving are the best ways to appreciate the clear waters and dazzling colours of the Reef up close. Long considered one of the world’s most important ecological sites, the Barrier Reef’s future may yet be affected by fishing and pollution, making it important to appreciate it in its current form.

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  • Janet Somerville Says

    Let me know exactly why is the Taj Mahal only decorated with writing and never with pictures or something like that. It is urgent, i have to do an dental expression and my teacher stated i have to explain that!

  • Carrie Major Says

    Who produced the parable about Taj Mahal’s black twin? Why did they are doing that?

    Dexter, this is the myth I am speaking about. He wasn’t creating a second Taj Mahal he was creating a garden. I wish to know in which the myth in regards to a second building began.

  • Marcia Hester Says

    I have no idea. I’m oing a task around the Taj Mahal and should not find this answer anywere. Thanks.

  • Malcolm Hudson Says

    Hey men, im a 16 years old girl happening vacation in five days and wish to try taking some good summer time reads. Any recommendations?

    With no offence to anybody but no twilight or supernatural type books please! X

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