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5 Unusual Things to do in London

London is chock full of culture and tourist-y things for vacationers to experience.

If you’ve been there and are looking for something off the beaten path — or if you’re traveling there for the first time and are searching for an unusual attraction, there are some extraordinary things to check out.

Uncover some undiscovered eclectic treasures during your London trip with these atypical things.

London Duck Tour

London Duck Tour Backpacking

London Duck Tour + Backpacking

The London Duck Tour is way more than a traditional sightseeing experience. Guests come aboard an unusual amphibious sea-worthy craft, which was first utilized in the D-Day landings during World War II. Visitors will glide by such celebrated London landmarks as royal Buckingham Palace, magnificent Westminster Abbey, the captivating London Eye and the illustrious Trafalgar Square. Does it seem like the same old-same old sightseeing experience? It might, abut just wait for the surprise the tour has in store for sightseeing tourists. The tour concludes with a dramatic, exaggerated launch into the waters of the River Thames.

Floatation Experience

Floatation Experience in London + Backpacking

Floatation Experience in London + Backpacking

What exactly is a floatation experience, you may ask? A floatation experience is calming, tranquil, and, above all, delightful to abandon oneself to. Participants are asked to lie down in a salt-water mixture that is warmed to their skins natural temperature. Once they are comfortable submerged, it will be almost impossible to discern which parts of the body are submerged in the water and which parts are not. Participants have described the floatation experience as actually believing that they are floating above the earth as in mid air. The tranquilizing silence and complete darkness will give guests minds the opportunity to delve into a deeply relaxed state that rivals any other experience.

Sir John Soane Museum

Sir John Soane Museum, London + Backpacking

Sir John Soane Museum, London + Backpacking

Sir John Soane is considered one of England’s preeminent, foremost architects. Sir Soane created his own house on London’s Lincoln Inn Fields. His home structure is distinctive and characteristic of his unique style – Sir Sloane fitted his space originally and with the highest creativity. Appealing and surprising artifacts are plentiful in each and every space of his maze like home, and the walls of the intricate Hogarth chamber can even be opened up to the outside. It is unquestionably far from the run of the mill museum tour.

Dennis Severs House

Dennis Severs House, London + Backpacking

Dennis Severs House, London + Backpacking

Dennis Severs was quoted about his house, saying, “I worked inside out to create what turned out to be a collection of atmospheres: Moods that harbor the light and the spirit of various ages.” Every one of the 10 chambers of the home were furnished by Severs in an array of varied styles recalling a past era. The spaces are all laid out individually, as if they are currently being used and the residents have only just vacated the home. Painter David Hockney explained the home as “one of the world’s greatest works of opera.” What further endorsement does one need to investigate this structure, which is as odd as it is charming?

Lounge Bohemia

Lounge Bohemia, London + Backpacking

Lounge Bohemia, London + Backpacking

As far removed from a normal, standard bar as one can get, Lounge Bohemia, which is concealed in Shoreditch, is a tempting place to discover. Guests can partake in extremely exclusive beverages, like a pepper martini, served up in an old bible or a Czech novel, for an undoubtedly exceptional experience. But be sure you book ahead of your visit — entry is by reservation only.

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  • Tia Zuehlke Says

    meh to backpacking in London.

  • Matthew S Says

    It’s our summer time holidays and me and my buddies need something to complete TOMORROW. We want imaginative, fun, and strange things you can do. It needs to be free because many of us can’t pay.We reside in LONDON, in the event that is important.. but most of us have been sightseeing, and thats boring for londoners…

  • Michael Says

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