John Cain, Vagabond and Founder of EVASER

John Cain, Vagabond & Founder of EVASER

Welcome, world travelers and dreamers…

It’s about time I introduce myself. My name is John Cain and I am a professional lifestyle traveler – also known as a vagabond.

I love travel. I am insatiable. I am not unhappy but rarely satisfied. The most effective way to alleviate this condition is to constantly experience the new, be awed and shocked once in a while, in other words… world travel.

I believe the meaning of life is simply to be happy and satisfied. Achieving this is not so simple. This is what I consider, the purpose of life – to achieve the meaning of life. So like travel, the journey is just as important as the destination.

What makes me happy and satisfied is travel. Therefore travel is my purpose in life, which gives me meaning in my current stage of life.

On this first day of August 2012, I begin my journey of world travel starting in New York City leaving from my second home, Miami. Ironically, Manhattan has been my home for most of my life yet it will be the first time I experience it as a tourist.

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  • Lucas H Says

    I’ll see you on the road John!

  • Taylor G Says

    I am 18 and I wish to begin to see the world, travel around, etc. And So I wouldnt have the ability to have a steady job. So I am wondering so what can I actually do during my travels to earn money. I’d enjoy a few recommendations, maybe share a number of your encounters. I simply never desire to be tied lower in a single country working. I wish to work everywhere and find out the planet.

    Thanks men!

  • Scott Bull Says

    In discussions on American healthcare I frequently see solutions that condition that ‘the relaxation around the globe travels towards the US for the best health care’. Is that this really true?

  • easton j Says

    I do not mean travel agencies like harvey world travel or flight center.

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