The Most Visited Cities in Australia Which You Can’t Afford to Miss

The cities of Australia offer a vibrant mix of cultures, colonial and modern architecture and some of the best beaches in the world.

Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Fremantle and Brisbane are some of the most visited in Australia so read on to discover why they are so popular.

Sydney, Bondi Beach and the Harbour Bridge

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia - Backpacking Travel

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia – Backpacking Travel

Sydney, located in New South Wales, is the largest, oldest and most diverse of Australia’s cities. Outdoor activities are very popular in Sydney, with around 70 beaches accessible, including the famous surfer’s paradise, Bondi Beach. There are many restaurants offering international cuisines, bohemian markets, high-end boutiques and theatres throughout the city. Visitors can sail or kayak under the Harbour Bridge, tour the Sydney Opera House or ride thorough Centennial Park on horseback. Sydney Harbour National Park contains harbour side bushland with tracks for walking and bays for swimming. There are also Aboriginal engravings and historical sites. Many urban galleries in the city also celebrate the Aboriginal heritage.

Hidden Streets of Melbourne

Birrarung Marr Park, Melbourne, Australia - Backpacking Travel

Birrarung Marr Park, Melbourne, Australia – Backpacking Travel

Australia flights are available to Melbourne Airport and there is easy access into the city. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, situated on the south east coast. Melbourne is a city with hidden streets, exclusive and opulent bars, restaurants and boutiques. There are many large and historic parks and gardens throughout the city and events are on at the many theatres and galleries throughout the year. Sporting fans can visit famous arenas such as the MCG, where many international cricket, football and rugby events are held. Aboriginal life is part the city’s culture and can be explored on heritage tours and at Birrarung Marr Park, a celebration of local heritage.

Cultural Perth and Historic Fremantle

Fremantle, Perth, Australia - Backpacking Travel

Fremantle, Perth, Australia – Backpacking Travel

The Sunset Coast of Perth offers beaches for sunbathing as well as those suitable for swimmers and surfers of varying abilities. As with any city, Perth has a popular night life, with bars, clubs and restaurants. It is also a cultural hub. The Western Australian Museum exhibits Aboriginal, zoological and social artefacts and the Art Gallery of Western Australia exhibits permanent artworks as well as visiting collections. Perth is home to the West Australian Opera, West Australian Symphony Orchestra and West Australian Ballet as well as many other theatre and performance groups. Perth also has its own airport with many Australia flights arriving and departing.

Fremantle is recognised as the best nineteenth century seaport in the world, established as a west coast port in 1829 for the developing Swan River Colony. The Shipwreck Galleries in Cliff Street is a centre for maritime archaeology and shipwreck conservation. One highlight is the reconstructed stern of Batavia, wrecked in 1629. Nearby Freemantle Prison is a World Heritage site open to visitors. The prison was decommissioned in 1991 after 140 years of use. Apart from hearing tales of daring escapes, visitors can explore the labyrinth of tunnels located 20 metres beneath the prison.

Cosmopolitan Brisbane

Cosmopolitan Brisbane, Australia - Backpacking Travel

Cosmopolitan Brisbane, Australia – Backpacking Travel

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia, one of the few not situated directly on the coast. It offers a cosmopolitan appeal that is rich in music and culture. Moreton Island National Park is home to freshwater lakes, giant sand dunes, forests and beautiful beaches. Visitors can cruise across to the island, hire a 4×4 to tour and take a dip in the ‘fountain of youth’, a lake rich in natural tea-tree oils.

The cities of Australia reflect the country’s incredible heritage and diversity. Visitors who are looking for busy streets or open spaces, relaxing beaches or water sports, vintage or high-end shopping, exclusive restaurants or a bustling nightlife will find these and more in the cities of Australia.

About the Author:

AJ is a travel writer who regularly contributes articles about Australia travel and Australia flights for a range of websites and blogs. She spends her holidays down under, enjoying the Australian culture, weather and beaches.

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    Many people have explained that you simply can’t just move somewhere you haven’t visited before, however this country appears ideal for me. NO SNOW!, beaches, sea, no snakes, no poisonous stuff, i’d really adore it there.

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