2 Minute Travel Guide to Ireland

Considering the average person reads at a rate of 250 words a minute approximately then this two minute guide to Ireland should be a pretty quick one.

Let’s break it up into the four corners for ease of comprehension.


2 Minute Travel Guide to Dublin, Ireland

2 Minute Travel Guide to Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s east coast is home to its capital and a lot more besides. For those on Irish holidays, Dublin is a must see for its literary, historical and social importance. From Dublin Castle, to the home of James Joyce, to the wonderful Trinity College and the Book of Kells, Dublin is an essential visit. Other great gems come in the form of Meath’s amazingly impressive 5000 year old burial tomb Newgrange and the beauty of Glendalough in Co Wicklow, south of the capital. Of course a trip to Kilkenny and the Sunny South East also has their attractions, as does The Rock of Cashel in Tipperary. Of course, we’re only touching the iceberg here with this guide to Ireland.


2 Minute Travel Guide to Cork City, Ireland

2 Minute Travel Guide to Cork City, Ireland

The southern tip of Ireland is home to some of the most essential sights. Cork City with its rebellious, intriguing nature and Kerry with its natural beauty are both must visits. Take a wander around the English Market in Cork, or do the Ring of Kerry and see the awe inspiring sights. If rugby is your thing, why not head to Thomond Park in Limerick and witness the mighty Munster in their stomping ground. From the Titanic’s last stop in Cobh to the the birth place of Irish rebel leader Michael Collins a visit to the south has it all and more besides.

The West

2 Minute Travel Guide to Galway, Ireland

2 Minute Travel Guide to Galway, Ireland

Though not plains of America, the west of Ireland is equally as rugged and we’d suggest the people are just as lively too. The West has some of the country’s most beautiful natural landscape. From the Cliffs of Moher to the Burren, to the wonderful bohemian feel of Galway, the west has a lot going for it. Why not hit the waves in Donegal and learn to surf or scuba dive in the Atlantic, then again you could just go for a pint in a small country pub and take part in the ceol and the craic – fun and music to non-natives.

The North

2 Minute Travel Guide to Belfast, Ireland

2 Minute Travel Guide to Belfast, Ireland

Ireland’s northern area is a peaceful area nowadays and there is nothing that should stop you from visiting the beauty of the Giant’s Causeway, or see the wonderful rope bridge at Carrick A Rede in Antrim. Or why not visit the home of Bushmills Whiskey, and then spend a night out in wonderful Belfast and take a tour of the graffiti from the Troubles to give you an insight into the issues once at hand and to see how far we’ve come.

A trip to Ireland is a must do and whether it’s for golf, fun, sightseeing or just to enjoy yourself then just break away from the usual and take an Irish Holiday.

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    I recognize that in Ireland they will use Pounds as well as in Canada we use dollars.

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