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Mastering Great Timing While Travelling or Backpacking In Europe

When it comes to travelling in Europe, great timing can be a massive difference between an expensive trip with average experiences and a bargain providing a wealth of amazing memories. If you’ve never considered this then you’re in luck because I’m about to share some wisdom I’ve picked up on dozens of my trips where timing was everything.

If you’re travelling in Europe alone or with your family timing is no less important which makes this one bit of advice that is useful for anyone. These tips are going to deal with the assumption that you’re travelling in Europe in peak-season and offer advice on how to come out tops in most situations.

Popular Doesn’t Offer Value Alone

One sneaky bit of advice is to keep in mind is that the more popular locations are naturally going to have the biggest crowds. Wouldn’t you rather have the Ibiza experience without the armies of fake-tanned electronic music crowds; Malta beaches offer all the benefits without the congestion. This is just one example but it’s often better to stray away from the crowd so that your personal space is free and travelling in Europe by car or foot means less traffic, less lines and more experience.

Take the Back Streets

Again, peak season timing means massive crowds and massive crowds means discomfort so take the opportunity to travel the road less travelled exploring the back alleys and the little corner cafes that don’t see the pearly whites of thousands of tourists daily. The cultural experience of travelling in Europe is immense so don’t limit yourself to those busy squares and famous locales.

Nighttime Adventures

Money issues and travelling in Europe during peak season can see you paranoid about accommodation but often a simple backpackers or a smaller hostel can provide a richer experience, especially if you’re not afraid of less than luxurious digs. Some cities light up at night with a whole new perspective so consider staying overnight in locations less known such as San Gimignano near Florence for a wonderfully lantern lit adventure.

The Early Bird Sees More

If you’ve got a itinerary that includes both popular and alternative locations, my advice to you is to definitely put the more popular ones at the top of your agenda; not because they’re necessary to see but because if you hit them first, you’ll avoid busloads of tourists who often arrive a little before lunchtime. Get your timing right and you’ll be left to your own devices as you’re travelling in Europe; by train but especially by foot. Later while you’re exploring the alternative locations, you’ll once again avoid the crowd because of the alternative nature of the locations.

When travelling in Europe your timing can be the difference of being stuck shoulder to shoulder with other tourists or being left to your own devices as you take in a wonderful holiday.

Currently located on the sunny Ramla Bay Resort, Eugene Calvini is a travel writer with a wealth of information he enjoy sharing with the internet.

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