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What To Look For When Booking Around The World Flights

It is everyone’s dream to be the next Phileas Fogg, and be able to travel the most exotic and fascinating locations in the world. No matter what the locations listed are, there is always one more place you want to visit.

Inevitably, it all results in a fulfilling experience which will be culturally enriching, and which will provide plenty of anecdotes for the amusement of friends and family.

Travelling is undoubtedly rewarding, regardless of whether you are a recently graduated student with itchy feet, or an elderly couple looking to enjoy life after retirement. Many struggle to muster up the courage to book tickets to the most exotic locations, such as Thailand, India, Iran and many more. Instead, the majority of holiday-makers end up being content with holidays within the same continent or even within national grasp.

For the most adventurous of souls, it can be difficult to plan the logistics of such a trip, not to mention budgeting for the ticket prices. It surely involves some sacrifices in terms of saving up for it, but it is perfectly achievable if you work for it. If you fall into that very category as a traveller, and you want to be able to see the world with your own eyes, keep reading for tips on how to book a successful round-the-world trip.

Trip Planning and Where to Go

Common destinations include New Zealand, Australia, Thailand as well as parts of Africa, but it would be too diminishing giving you advice on where to go. Your choice of destination also largely depends on demographics, and age and social status is a determining factor when choosing. For instance, gap-year students might decide on a back-packing trip to the Philippines, or an adventure in the lesser popular landscapes of Australia. An elderly couple might want to discover the appeal of European historical landmarks, while a middle-aged single man might want to explore Caribbean locations and South America.

Consider places you would most like to visit, and perhaps even let notable photographs of locations help you decide. Another important factor is, naturally, budgeting for the whole of your trip. Holidays in destinations in the Old Continent result in a considerably more expensive experience than some Asian destinations for example, and many adventurers fail to adequately plan in advance. Nobody wants to be left out of pocket on holiday, so be sure to do a bit of research regarding currency, cost of living and ticket pricing.

Weather and activities also play an important part when planning your trip around the world, though both are highly dependent on personal preference. For instance, some people find spending the Christmas period in warm locations is preferable, and so on. Similarly, some travellers might like to find things out for themselves, instead of going on guided tours or a specific schedule.

Plan out where you want to go and why, and start thinking about booking your tickets.

Booking your Holiday

Now to the crucial aspect of your trip, or finding and comparing tickets in order to book your trip. Airlines usually offer deals like “The World Walkabout,” “One World Explorer” or “Star Alliance” which will save up considerably for your round-the-world trip. If you have saved up air-miles or you have used an airline frequently for your trips, just ask them if they offer any deals regarding round-the-world trips.

Do some research into hotels, bed and breakfasts and accommodations available at your destination. These all depend on your budget or what kind of holiday you are planning for. For instance, if you are planning on a backpacking trip around Australia, bed and breakfast accommodation will probably suffice. 

Lastly, don’t forget to research how to travel locally, as you don’t want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere once you arrive. While it is all the more fun asking or finding out on location, it usually helps for a less strenuous travel experience. Enjoy your holiday!

This is a post from Natalie, a flights specialist at Round The World Experts, where you can buy round the world tickets and plan tours for global adventures.

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