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FAQ : What Is Dental Tourism In Thailand?

Dental tourism in Thailand is very popular these days, because you get affordable and professional dental treatment plus an unforgettable holiday.

At the moment, Malaysia and Thailand are two of the most-sought destinations when it comes to dental tourism, mainly because of the great prices and the high-quality treatments patients can benefit from here.

Why Do People Choose Dental Tourism In Thailand?

The answer to this question is obvious: the price for dental services is rising with every day that passes, and this is why people who cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on their dental treatment choose to travel overseas and get their teeth done. This type of tourism can come in handy, especially if you want to visit the beautiful country of Thailand during summer – if that is your case, why not be practical and add some dental treatments to the list as well? According to statistics, some people claim they have managed to save up to two thirds of the normal price they would pay for dental treatment in the US or Canada, and this is why they will return to Thailand in the future.

There are numerous medical tourism agencies that organize regular tours and holidays in Bangkok and Phuket, where tourists can get top-notch dental treatments at highly affordable prices. This is why an increasing number of people from Australia, Canada and the United Stated have started to focus on Thailand and Malaysia when looking for cheaper dental treatment overseas. In other words, Thailand is the most popular destination for this type of tourism due to the lower cost for equivalent quality of care, along with good service, value and treatment – not to mention that Thailand is a great holiday destination as well!

In the future, the number of people who travel to Asian countries for health care services is expected to grow, mainly due to the fact that the price-quality relationship is very convenient in the above-mentioned countries. This is what actually drives tens of thousands of people from the United States and Australia to Thailand, on a yearly basis.

The Benefits of Dental Tourism in Bangkok

As mentioned above, there are many medical tourism agencies that take care of every aspect, from your flight and accommodation to the medical treatment. As a matter of fact, some of them even organize sightseeing tours as well, to make your holiday even more pleasant. Moreover, these agencies can also help you decide on the best clinic or hospital, based on your needs: they can offer statistics and information about the hospital with the highest success rate, as well as details about the possible complications that may arise during or after the dental treatment.

As many dentists in Thailand claim, the main factor that drives people to Bangkok for dental treatment is cost. Some dental procedures can cost up to $50,000 or even more and many people cannot afford paying a lump sum. In Thailand, people come out better off financially, and three out of four medical holidays are for dental tourism.

John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. His favorite dental clinic in Bangkok is Dr Sunil Dental Clinic.

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  • Squall Leonhart Says

    I got my teeth done in Bangkok while backpacking, it was perfect and cheap.

  • Bryan J Says

    I have at least 6 teeth that need to have crowns put on them. I was wondering how much it would cost and if there are any places I can go in S. Ameica or Asia?

    Many thanks,

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