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FAQ : If I Can Only Go Travel Backpacking In One Country, What Should It Be?

I would choose Thailand if I had to pick just one country to go backpacking travel in… This may seem like a hard question but personally it’s not and I’m sure many other backpackers and world travelers would agree.

The entire country of Thailand is as if it was engineered to cater specifically to backpackers and budget travelers. But that doesn’t mean it’s super touristy, it just means its well suited for cheap and long term travel with an endless variety of things to see and do.

Your money will go far, real far. Thailand is one of the most budget friendly countries in the world for tourism. With $1,500 USD a month, you can have a very nice and comfortable flashpacker lifestyle. Spending just $800 a month, you can have a still comfortable but typical backpacker’s lifestyle, experienced travelers can thrive of of even $500. This budget range for backpacking is realistic in almost every other country in Southeast Asia. There all exceptional for travel like Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao but Thailand is still the best if you had to choose just one for an extended journey.

So backpacking in Thailand is unbelievably cheap, but that’s not the only reason you should choose it for long term independent travel. Even if it was as expensive as Australia or Japan, it would still be at the top of my list as one of the best countries in the world for backpacking.

Bangkok will almost definitely be where you will be arriving when first entering Thailand and this massive city alone is worth the trip to Thailand. But that’s just scratching the surface and there are so many different types of destinations like villages up North in Chiang Mai, the countless island paradises down South and the countryside between each destination.

So what if I could only choose one continent to go backpacking in? This question isn't all that hard either but in this case I can't narrow it down to just one but two. Those continents would be Europe and Southeast Asia of which I have spent around 3 months and 5 months, respectively. Anyways, be sure to checkout every single day of my backpacking travels in Thailand to see what all the fuss is about.

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  • colingrillo Says

    Hi there! I am planning to go to Thailand for backpacking – to Bangkok & to a beach in mid Oct. What weather can I expect? I read in travel guides that it is monsoon season in Oct. But does it really rains a lot or just a heavy rain for a hour?

  • toast Says

    lol, Thailand was my answer when I read the title of this blog post. It was my favorite country when we went backpacking last year and going back this summer.

  • Milk84 Says

    I’m planning a trip to Thailand with my girlfriend in October/November and am wondering what some must see places/towns are?

  • Blake Says

    will be entering thailand via the malysia border and am not sure if the visa is 14 or 30 days. Also will spend about 3 weeks in thailand. Going to the islands. Anyone have any recommendations. Thanks

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