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3 Adventure Travel Activities to Try in Dubai, UAE

3 Adventure Travel Activities to Try in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a place where everything is designed to be bigger and better than anywhere else on the planet, and that means there are plenty of opportunities for you to get your adrenalin kick against an extraordinary backdrop of sprawling metropolises, golden desert or gorgeous coastlines.


Dubai Sky DivingIts breathtaking skyline and incredible coastal sights has made Dubai a real hotspot for skydivers who get to gaze down on the world’s tallest building and a seemingly endless metropolis of other towering skyscrapers, a coastline of crystal waters and golden sand and the world’s most unique collection of man-made islands. The sport is now so popular that Dubai holds its own international championships, attracting parachuting enthusiasts from far and wide.

Jeep Safari

Dubai Jeep SafariAs well as the thrill of the ride, jeep safaris give you the chance to see what was there before the oil boom brought the urban explosion – and what was there was sand, lots and lots of sand. But the sand becomes a playground when you’re onboard a 4×4, careering over the dunes and skidding down slopes. Luckily the inside of the vehicle is nicely padded to avoid bumps and bruises for taller passengers. If you prefer to take the wheel yourself, dune buggies or quad bikes let you speed across the sand for a single-seat adventure.

Water Sports

Dubai Jet SkiThe calm waters of the Persian Golf coast are perfect for all sorts of high-speed antics or underwater adventures. Jet skis, banana boat rides, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking and more, whatever water-based fun you can think of, it will pretty much be catered for in Dubai. For more peaceful oceanic pursuits, try scuba diving in the crystal clear waters with a sunken cruise liner to explore at the bottom of the sea, or beginners can try swimming with dolphins and diving with sharks at the inland aquariums.

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