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3 Special Things To Do In Tuscany

3 Special Things To Do In Tuscany

Have you ever heard about the “Genius Loci”? It is a Latin idiomatic sentence meaning the “Spirit of The Place”. Yes, because every place has its own spiritual essence; sometimes it’s pleasant, sometimes you just feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s called ambiance, but the result is just the same. Tuscany holds a tremendous number of places with a gorgeously positive Genius Loci, and many are best suited for specific purposes, such as relaxing, learning, or even getting married!

Unwinding in Tuscany

There are many ways people remove heavy burdens from their chest, and some spots are especially suited to taking your mind to another place and allow you to finally let go. Upon refocusing on the issue, things seem downsized, more manageable, and solutions come up. A holiday in Tuscany will let you discover some of the most stress-relieving nature spots, its thermal spas. The majority of the Tuscan land is rich of hot springs, also beneficial for joint, muscle, and skin problems. While you can pay for a resort, many opt for the wild hot springs that abound in various places. From north to south, in the region you can find special spots to enjoy. Some names to remember are Petriolo, Bagni San Filippo, and Saturnia. Entire towns are dedicated to thermal water wellness, such as Chianciano, Monsummano, Montecatini, and Bagni di Lucca, just to name a few.

Be Inspired in Tuscany

Inspiration comes from many sources, and Tuscany undoubtedly gives much to whomever wants to be motivated. In its simplest form, the region’s natural environment itself is a source of inspiration. For centuries British and American literates and writers have come to the region visiting or moving in for extended periods, in fact being among the first modern expatriates. It is curious to know that during the nineteenth century there were so many expats from Britain that the famous Florentine steak was actually an invention for this community.The gently rolling hills of Tuscany change their attitude depending on which area you are in. The Valdichiana and Valdorcia boldly show their linear dunes of clay, which in the region are called “mammelloni”, or large breasts, due to their shape. The hills in Chianti are much more ruffled up, covered with deep woodlands, suddenly rising towards the sky, and formed by a much harder terrain, perfect for vineyards. The wild Maremma holds all the mystery and melancholia of prairies. Here large stretches of land burn during red summer sunsets, while a pack of wild horses effortlessly runs in the distance. No wonder Tuscany gave birth to so many artists throughout the centuries, and still is the refuge of many contemporary ones.

Getting Married in Tuscany

All the beauty and natural passion of Tuscany are the perfect setting to celebrate your wedding. One of the tangible expressions of the Tuscan character are villas. Whether they are rustic farmhouses or stately villas, their homelike warmth and appeal conquer the heart of anyone. These splendid homes can accommodate weddings of any size, but are more in tune with intimate parties. Tuscan villas can host those guests with whom to spend the exciting days before and after your wedding. Larger properties usually have a small romantic chapel and enough garden space for the ceremony and the reception. The privacy and quiet of their settings are among the most valued qualities, and will certainly contribute to making your wedding holiday memorable.

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-Photography by Aurel Manea

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