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3 Ways to Get To Paris from London

3 Ways to Get To Paris from London

Traveling to one of the world’s most popular tourist-attracting cities can be the holiday of a lifetime, but what can be just as exciting is the journey there.

If you’re looking to head to the French capital of Paris, there are many ways to attempt the voyage. But if you’re in London, here are the top three ways to get you started on an unforgettable adventure.


The first thought that pops up in anyone’s head is using the most obvious mode of transport and heading to Paris by plane. By taking a trip to London Heathrow and setting out to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, you can aim to land in France in less than two hours. However, this will be the most costly method if you book last minute tickets so aim to know at least a few weeks in advance.

As fun as a plane can be, unfortunately it’s not the most daring and adventurous, meaning you might have to bear sitting in a cramped seat for over an hour. By far the easiest method however, it’s just not the most fun.


When they run smoothly with no delays, coaches are vital transportation for some. With only around 300 miles between both countries, the journey couldn’t be any easier. If you’re looking for a simple route into France without the costly method of planes, this is the ideal way for you.

There are plenty of National Express coaches which seat up to fifty passengers and depart from London’s Victoria Coach Stations. Euroline coaches also carry a service where they claim to be the cheapest option in the market. A one-way ticket to Paris costs as little as £10 and allows free luggage on board. Of course, you’d have to sit in one place for eight and a half hours, which is why the next step is definitely the best choice.

Train + Ferry + Car

Arguably the most inventive of options, going on a train, ferry and then car are the most adventurous modes of transport. To get to Paris in style, make sure you head to the Eastern docks of Dover to be able to jump on board a ferry to Calais. There is only a two-hour journey from London Charing Cross to Dover Priory Station.

A quicker route would be from London St Pancras to Dover as a modern high-speed line opened in 2007, shortening the journey time by a whole hour. As you now board the ferry, you can relax and enjoy the voyage to France, all in an hour and a half. Once you’ve set foot in Calais, why not rent a car to tour the beautiful sights? Check out the best car hire France has to offer and make your way to the capital city.

It’s only a three-hour drive into Paris and one filled with exploration and adventure. Even if this may be the longest route, it is definitely the most exciting as not only do you get to meet fellow travellers, you also get to see exactly what France is all about.

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