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4 (Expensive) Ideas For The Trip of a Lifetime

4 (Expensive) Ideas For The Trip of a Lifetime

If you are a little stressed and you need a few weeks off to blow off some steam and relax by the pool there are worse things you can do than go relax on a beach somewhere…

But luxury travel doesn’t always have to revolve around not doing a lot.

This post is about some of the incredible experiences you can have out in the world – some inspiration if you will for anyone with the funds to buy them – trips of a lifetime.

Go Camping In The Sahara

Camping In The Sahara

Camping In The Sahara

The Sahara is in Northern Africa and in case you hadn’t already heard of it is the biggest hot desert in the world (Interesting fact: the Antarctic is in fact considered a desert too, and is therefore the largest of all deserts).

So it’s not usually a place you think of as luxurious – there is little in the way of human life and the temperatures are a fairly constant ‘roasting hot’. However, there is something to be said for the beauty of mile after mile of empty space, unspoiled sand few other people to share it with.

For the ultimate Glamping trip you can take a guided camel trek from Marrakesh, Morrocco into the desert and enjoy the sunset around a camp fire before retiring to a surprisingly luxurious supertent in the middle of nowhere. Prepare for the ultimate night under the stars.

Take A Helicopter Ride In The Alps

Helicopter Ride In The Alps

Helicopter Ride In The Alps

Skiing holidays can be done two ways; either on the cheap like you did back at university, or in style like you should if you can.

Luxury hotels on the mountainside aside, the ultimate way to enjoy the breath taking beauty of the Alps is from above and for a couple hundred Euros an hour you can get a helicopter pilot to take you up and show you the sights including Mont Blanc.

The trip is best finished up with a glass of champagne on the mountain, and maybe a bit of skiing if you like.

Go Swimming With Whales

Swimming With Whales

Swimming With Whales

This one isn’t location specific but if you want to go all out then Fiji is perhaps the best place to go.

There are also of course plenty of species of whale that you can swim with, and which you go after is really down to preference – hump back whales or grey whales are a favourite as they are well natured and serene to watch.

A trip will generally consist of a boat trip lasting several days to an area known to be a hot spot for whichever species you are intending to swim with. Generally a mask, snorkel and safety briefing is all that is required and there is plenty of other sea life to enjoy whilst you are out on the water too.

Go In Search Of The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

Because of the location you can’t easily integrate this experience into a summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can have a luxurious trip.

For a really memorable trip you can stay overnight in the world famous ice hotel, before taking a husky drawn sled to one of the best viewing points to watch the lights.

Then after all the excitement is over there are plenty of regular, luxury spa hotels to relax in. Look for one with an outside hot tub and enjoy the warmth whilst the cold night air bites around you.

Thanks for reading my post, if you are interested in saving money on your next vacation, here’s one option.

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