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4 Places to Really Escape the Rat Race

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and be by yourself for a while. Other times you want to head off on your travels alone and meet new people, and at other points you simply want to disappear.

Thankfully, the world is a big enough place that all these demands can be satisfied, whether you want to vanish from the face of the earth, backpack solo around Asia, or simply have a bit of me time. If you want to perform a disappearing act then read on, as here are four places you may want to visit if you are in hiding.

Goa, India

Goa Beach, India - Backpacking Travel

Goa Beach, India – Backpacking Travel

The jungles and golden beaches of Goa are a favourite of those who wish to fake their own death and start a new life, and it is easy to see why. With hippie communes dotting the countryside, alternative lifestyles in full flow and plenty of glorious vegetation from where to hide, Goa is an excellent option for those who wish to disappear. Everyone from Lord Lucan to Richey Edwards has been spotted here after going missing, and ever since the region has exerted a magical pull on those people who want to start over. Yet visits to Goa need not be so extreme as that, as this is the perfect place for travellers on solo holidays to come to unwind, take in the laid-back culture of this coastal state and feel, if only for a week or two, that they have left their old life behind.

The American West

Burning Man Festival - Backpacking Travel

Burning Man Festival – Backpacking Travel

The vast open spaces of the American west have long been associated with drifters, people out of step with the rest of society who yearn to live a different sort of life. And you too can follow in their footsteps by travelling around this awesome region, a land full of barren deserts, mountain peaks, amazing canyons and wild forests. Whether you want to party with the alternative crowd at the Burning Man festival, go in search of Grizzly Bears in the redwoods of Northern California, pass through Monument Valley in search of camp sites, gamble your wages away on the Las Vegas Strip or join a commune in Big Sur, the American West is ideal for those on singles holidays.


Koh Phu Phi, Maya Bay, Thailand - Backpacking Travel

Koh Phu Phi, Maya Bay, Thailand – Backpacking Travel

Alex Garland’s famous 1996 novel ‘The Beach’ made out that Thailand was a land full of hidden Arcadian paradises where you could go to live in peace and quiet, and to be honest, this isn’t all that far from reality. While mass tourism has descended on pristine islands such as Phuket in recent years, most of the country is still free from the worst of Western excesses, and whether you end up hanging out in Pattaya or searching for something a little more authentic in the rainforests of this sultry land, you will not be disappointed.

Kamchatka, Siberia

Kamchatka Volcano - Backpacking Travel

Kamchatka Volcano – Backpacking Travel

To really go off the map you have to be a bit inventive and avoid the more typical destinations. Instead go beyond even the wild wastelands of Siberia and into the Kamchatka Peninsula, one of the most isolated places on the planet, a place so cut off from the world that you will well and truly make yourself uncontactable. This wilderness is full of evergreen forests, salmon filled rivers, brown bears, eagles and other incredible wildlife. In fact you could live on your own pretty sustainably out here in the middle of nowhere, feeding on nature’s immense bounty. And though winters here can be bitterly cold, summers tend to offer ideal conditions for sitting out by a bonfire late at night listening to the sounds of the spinning earth and staring up at the stars above.

John is a travel writer who has scoured every last corner of the globe in search of the finest solo holidays in existence.

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