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4 Souvenirs To Bring Back From China That Are Quintessentially Chinese

Has your search for a truly unique and extraordinary holiday destination for this summer final led you to the exotic land of China? That’s fantastic! Known for its rich culture, history, Chinese food, and some spectacular tourist destinations, China is one amazing country definitely worth a visit.

While visiting any country abroad, there’s one ritual you should never forget – bringing back home plenty of souvenirs for friends, family, loved ones as well as for yourself, as testament to the incredible time you had holidaying in a foreign land.

As far as China is concerned, the country is so large and vibrant that you’ll have a plethora of exotic souvenirs to choose from.

Since you can’t bring home The Great Wall of China and nor can you bring home Jackie Chan, below is a list of five Chinese souvenirs you could come back home with instead.

Authentic Chinese Chopsticks

Authentic Chinese Chopsticks Souvenirs

Authentic Chinese Chopsticks Souvenirs

One souvenir that won’t appear too “touristy” or commercial is a pair of chopsticks. No, not just any pair of chopsticks but a pair of authentic Chinese chopsticks made of bamboo or wood. Essentially called “Kuaizi” in Chinese, chopsticks may also be made of plastic, metal, bone and ivory, but if it has to be quintessentially Chinese, it’s got to be wood or bamboo! Origination from ancient China, chopsticks have been used as the traditional utensils for eating since centuries now and play a crucial role in the food culture of China.

Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

Chinese Paintings and Calligraphies Souvenirs

Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Souvenirs

Known to be one of the oldest traditions of art in the world, Chinese paintings have their own charm and can make a fascinating souvenir to bring back home as a souvenir. These traditional and rich paintings are made by the same technique as calligraphy, using brushes and inks on paper or silk. These beautiful masterpieces usually portray themes like landscapes, figures, birds, flowers and plants. While you’re in China, you could also pick up an authentic calligraphy set available in different styles such as cursive, semi-cursive, seal and official.

Chinese Tea and a Teapot

Chinese Tea and a Teapot Souvenir

Chinese Tea and a Teapot Souvenir

It will be a sin if you go all the way to China land and come back home without at least a bag full of different varieties of exotic Chinese tea. Known to be the inventers of tea, the Chinese have been enjoying their cuppa since thousands of years now. Chinese tea plays an important role in Chinese culture. It is available in an array of varieties and can be classified into five categories, namely, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, scented tea and brick tea. Oh and yes, don’t forget to pick up a traditional Chinese teapot made up of porcelain or clay. Teapots have been an integral feature of Chinese culture since thousands of years. Chinese tea and a tea set to enjoy the tea in, as a souvenir – sorted!

Jewelry made of Jade

Chinese Jade Jewelry Souvenirs

Chinese Jade Jewelry Souvenirs

Popularly known as “yu” in China, Jade is a gemstone that has been engrained in Chinese culture since centuries, symbolizing beauty, honesty, courage, modesty, compassion, wisdom and power. Whether worn as a lucky charm, a symbol of protection, a symbol of love or attraction, or for its apparent healing properties, jade jewelry makes a perfect and authentic souvenir to bring back home from a Chinese holiday.

These were four authentic quintessential Chinese souvenirs that you mustn’t miss out on during your visit to the Land of the Red Dragon.

Jack Rush is a regular traveler and loves collecting souvenirs from different countries that he visits. He especially likes the Chinese tea pots, as they have beautiful designs on them. When he isn’t travelling, he blogs about different cultures of the countries he has visited.

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