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4 Things To Consider About Transport When Getting Out Of An Airport

4 Things To Consider About Transport When Getting Out Of An Airport

After coming back from your holiday and getting back to the airport, it may not be as relaxing as your first thought. There are various things to consider when you want to get back from Heathrow to Slough.

When you are aware of the considerations you will be much more prepared for it.

Delayed Flights

When it comes to flight times you can never be sure if it’s going to come back at the right time. This can mean that many of your transport options are limited, especially if they are on schedule. You should be prepared to have a backup and accept that flights may be delayed resulting in more waiting times.

If you’re hiring a private taxi firm try and make sure that they don’t charge you for delayed flights. Some will actually charge you if you make their drivers wait over a certain amount of time. One of the best ways to check is through their website or giving them a call.

Ease Of Getting Transport

Transport is ripe but not the easiest feat in Heathrow if you’re going to be getting it at peak time. Consider what options you have, and go from there. If you are getting picked up make sure you know from exactly which terminal and at what time. This transport should be arranged well before you even get off the flight.

If getting transport is hard then one of your only options might be to get a black cab, this can be quite costly if you are travelling as a couple or alone.

Levels of Traffic

The levels of traffic on the road are often quite a lot in peak times at Heathrow. This will link to getting ease of transport but is certainly something to consider. If you are driving then possibly be prepared to actually wait a long time to get back especially if everyone is rushing out at the same time.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It has been said that panicking over your transport will do you no good and that prevention is better than cure. That cannot be truer in this instance. One way to get around this is to actually pre book a form of transport. Taxis can be one of the most reliable forms of transport and will give you a sense of safety knowing you have something arranged.

Many private taxi firms won’t actually charge you of your flight is delayed and also know the roads very well. This means that they’ll know exactly what to expect as they have done it hundreds of times before.

Heathrow to Slough isn’t the longest of distances but can be quite expensive or burdening if you are to take public taxis. Going private gives you the benefit of actually being taken care of when you get out of the airport, and being taken directly to your destination. The final benefit is that it is often a lot cheaper when you travel in groups rather than alone.

By Sohail Ali of Beaumont Windsor Taxis. Sohail organises bookings from Slough to Heathrow at Beaumont and provides useful travel information posts.

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