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4 Top Nightclubs of Boston Nightlife

Turns out Bostonians Know How to Dance.

When it comes to nightlife, Boston might be the ruggedbastardstepbrother of itschic island brethren to the Southwest, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all the way to New York City to find more than a rowdy bar or pub.

Turns out there are Boston locales where you won’t get punched in the face for wearing something other than a green or red jersey. Places where the bartender won’t give you a dirty look for ordering a martini instead of the house ale special.

And of course, places whose idea of a DJ goes beyond being able to play Journey’s Greatest Hits on repeat.

So if you’re feeling like dressing up, moving to some trendy music, and surrounding yourself with beautiful people looking to flirt and dance, here are four of the best clubs in Boston for getting crazy in style.

Wonder Bar

Wonder Bar Nightclub, Boston

Wonder Bar Nightclub, Boston ©

So you want wild dance scenes, attractive denizens dressed to impress, and a whole lot of rowdy drinking, but don’t want to worry about getting passed the velvet ropes? Then head over to Wonder Bar in the Allston district of Boston. Come early on the weekend to skip the cover and the line – the downstairs lounge is a chill place to start the night with a few drinks while the crowd fills in. By club standards, the drinks are cheap and the beer is cheaper. When that liquid courage is running strong, head upstairs to the dance floor of grinding bodies, boozing crowds, the occasional girl dancing on a table, and join in on the decadence.

The Estate

The Estate Nightclub, Boston

The Estate Nightclub, Boston ©

With its ultra-swanky décor, huge dance space, sexy fashionistas in short dresses and high heels, and well-to-do young professionals looking their best, the Estate sets the standard forBoston clubs. You could easily transplant it into New York City, Las Vegas, or Hollywood, and it would fit right in. The Estate is the place for the hard-partyer looking to substitute Boston’s usual raucous sports bar scene with some glamour – and of course the eye candy.

Splash Ultra Lounge

Splash Ultra Lounge Nightclub, Boston

Splash Ultra Lounge Nightclub, Boston ©

Splash Ultra Lounge is where preppy professionals and upscale debutantes tired of looking at flannels and Red Sox caps head to get rowdy. When it comes to attire, the sky is the limit at this Leather District club. The clean white walls, leather furnishings, marble bar, and floor-to-ceiling windows covered in white blinds make patrons feel like they are partying in the living room of a millionaire’s penthouse. During the summer, the rooftop becomes the real attraction.On warm nights, the lavish cabanas surrounding the fountains and wading pool make for a pleasant escape from the heat and music to mingle with somedrunken socialites. Splash Ultra lounge is the perfect place for those looking to party with both Dolce and Gabbana.


Underbar Nightclub, Boston

Underbar Nightclub, Boston ©

When the icy streets and frozen urban tundra has you feeling lonely, there’s nothing better than stepping into the welcoming atmosphereof the beach themed Underbar. The seashell-lined pillars and ocean décor may be kitshy, but nobody in Underbar ever seems to mind. It’s easy to get distracted by the trendy and attractive club kids, the modern sound system, and the main room that fits in over four hundred partiers. There’s not exactly a designated dance floor, so the drunken masses spill out onto the walkways and anywhere there is space, making it that much easier to mingle and flirt your way to the bar. So ditch your North Face and step into Underbar for your own little bit of paradise.

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