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5 Best London Restaurants For 2014


If you have plans to visit London this year, you might be wondering where the best places to eat and stay in the city are located. As far as the places to stay in London, we shall take that discussion some other day. Today, let us throw a discussion on the best restaurants in the imperial city.

To start with, Subway and McDonalds can be an easy choice for any visitor but they are found in almost all the corners in this world. As the saying goes “When in Rome be a Roman” likewise when you are in London, you should have a taste of local cuisine rather than again falling into the trap of Shakes, Burgers and French Fries.

1. Hawksmoor Seven Dial

Hawksmoor Seven Dial

Hawksmoor Seven Dial, London

One of the most recommended restaurants in London; it is situated in Coventry Garden at 11 Langley Road. Though the entrance of the building is hidden because of the turn of the road, once you manage to find it, you will experience the sensation of a Medieval aged castle. Though the restaurant was opened in 2010, it makes you feel like Henry the Eighth. If you are ready to pay £50, you can get far better meal than all the expensive restaurants in the area. The most famous dishes of this hotel are Pie and Mash with Liquor Sauce and Bacon Butty. Pie and mash with liquor sauce consists of a pie made of squeezed beef, mashed potatoes with parsley sauce laded over it. Bacon butty is a sandwich which is made of white bread and meaty bacon. These are served with English mustard, Ketchup or any other sauce that you prefer.

2. Hereford Road

Hereford Restaurant, London

Hereford Restaurant, London

Not quite popular until 1997, this hotel led the food revolution started by Tom Pamberton in late 90s. This restaurant is located on 3 Hereford Road and is most famous for traditional English cuisine. Though they don’t have a fix menu still, their star dishes are lamb’s sweetbreads, British pudding. British pudding is creamy custard which is very similar to American cream cake. As the name indicates, Lamb’s Sweetbread is a creamy and delicate dish made of sweet bread and lamb meat. It has a fishy smell.

3. Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche Restaurant, London

Le Gavroche Restaurant, London

This hotel is the recipient of Toptable Best Food Award Winner. Situated in the heartland of Mayfair, this hotel offers you a typical rural atmosphere. This hotel is not recommended for those who wish to taste traditional British food; still this hotel offers some of the best French food in entire Europe except France of course. Steak au Poivre consists of steak properly coated with peppercorn and then baked. Then, there is Coq au Vin which is French gravy prepared in meat, mushroom, wine and garlic.

4. Gordon Ramsay’s The Savoy Grill

The Savoy Grill Restaurant, London

The Savoy Grill Restaurant, London

Located near Coventry Garden, it was opened in 1889. The menu of this hotel consists of traditional British and French cuisine. Some of the most popular dishes of this place are Roe Deer Venison and Herdwick Mutton Cutlets.

5. Mezzanine Restaurant

Mezzanine Restaurant, London

Mezzanine Restaurant, London

This restaurant is situated on the Southbank inside National Theater and on the bank of Thames River. Being most famous among the locals, this place is best known for the continental European dishes. If you manage to visit this place, don’t forget to taste their Scotch Egg, Cheese Toastie and potted Shrimp.
With all being said, it is for you to decide where you would like to eat during your next visit to the city.
Author bio: Hello, I’m Krishna Kalpat, An enthusiastic blogger from India. I have many passions in which blogging is one of them, I always prefer blogging in my free time and I also happen to own a food & travel blog named foodyadda.com where you can find some useful information about cuisines all over the world and also some travel tips. You can also catch me on my Facebook profile.


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