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The 5 Biggest Hotels In The World

Every hotel seeks to facilitate as many guests as possible and some have excelled far beyond the rest. Less than 160 of the world’s hotels have been built with more than 1,000 guest rooms; only five feature more than 5,000.

Offering everything from lavish villas to modest accommodations built for efficiency, these 5 unique hotels are the biggest in the world when it comes to sheer capacity.

5. Disney’s All-Star Resort – 5,524 Rooms

World's Biggest Hotels : Disney's All-Star Resort

World’s Biggest Hotels : Disney’s All-Star Resort

Few companies are as over-the-top as Disney, so it should come as no surprise that one of their massive resort complexes ranks among the world’s largest. The All-Star Resort complex features 30 buildings and is broken into three themed categories: music, movies and sports. 

4. First World Hotel – 6,118 Rooms

World's Biggest Hotels : First World Hotel

World’s Biggest Hotels : First World Hotel

A three-star facility positioned atop a massive 500,000 square foot shopping plaza, the First World Hotel is the biggest and most vibrant hotel in Malaysia. Offering guests unparalleled access to the astounding amenities of the First World Plaza, this hotel is one of the country’s most popular attractions for both tourist and Malaysian locals.

3. MGM Grand Las Vegas – 6,852 Rooms

World's Biggest Hotels : MGM Grand Las Vegas

World’s Biggest Hotels : MGM Grand Las Vegas

Serving as the largest hotel resort complex in the United States, the MGM Grand Las Vegas boasts 30 floors of splendor. Home to an impressive 171,500 square foot casino and the largest bronze statue in the country, this massive hotel is an iconic destination on the Las Vegas Strip.

2. Izmailovo Hotel Complex – 7,500 Rooms

World's Biggest Hotels : Izmailovo Hotel

World’s Biggest Hotels : Izmailovo Hotel

Quickly built in 1979, this massive mega-complex served as the Olympic Village during the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Consisting of four main buildings — Alpha, Beta, Gamma-Delta and Vega — this hotel easily hosts than 10,000 people at full capacity. Featuring several high-tech conference halls and more than 10 on-site restaurants, these three-star facilities were thoroughly renovated in 1998 and continue to serve Moscow’s tourist population.

1. Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower – 8,000 Rooms

Biggest Hotels in the World : Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower

Biggest Hotels in the World : Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower

Also known as the Abraj al-Bait Towers. Holding several world records due to its incredible size, Saudi Arabia’s Abraj al-Bair Towers proudly stand as the biggest hotel complex in the world. Built as part of a royal initiative to better accommodate the influx of pilgrims to Mecca, this complex holds the world record for floor space with 16,150,000 square feet. With a height of 1,972 feet, the building’s largest structure is the world’s second tallest building and is the tallest clock tower on the planet. The Abraj al-Bair Towers are positioned adjacent to the Masjid al Haram, which is the world’s largest mosque and most sacred Islamic site.

While each of these huge hotels are certainly impressive, their positions on this list are anything but permanent. With an increasing population demanding more shopping, dining and entertainment venues within these massive hotels, the innovation and ambition of the hospitality industry promises even more grandiose results in the years to come.

Sally writes for The Cornwall Hotel Collection who provide quality accommodation in Truro & Falmouth. The Greenbank hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Falmouth. To learn more about the hotels or make a reservation visit The Cornwall Hotel Collection.

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