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5 Cities You Must Eat In Before You Die

5 Cities You Must Eat In Before You Die

Everyone has a bucket list, but it’s usually filled with a barrage of crazy empty boxes to tick – like jumping out of a plane, or climbing up the world’s biggest mountain. But what about adding the simpler things in life?

Don’t neglect the luxurious food havens you can treat yourself to, and visit them while you tick some travel destinations off too. Here are just a few suggestions to get the ball rolling in your palette’s favor.

Try out a bit of the Orient…

If you think you’ve tried great sushi, think again. Kyubey in Tokyo, Japan, is an expensive yet worthwhile treat. The presentation that goes into each dish is critically acclaimed; and for all the artisans out there, most of your rice assemblages will come out nestled within hand painted and sculpted pottery. Better still, Kyubey is well known for its celebrity clientele, so get your cameras ready for Leonardo Di Caprio – or someone just as shiny as him!

Viva la France!

If you love all things French, Le Meurice can make your experience of Paris extra special. Using the adjective ‘extravagance’ for this restaurant is an understatement, because even as you raise fork to mouth, your gaze will hardly part from the gold plated decor, chandeliers, and frescoes which shower its surroundings. If you’re looking for the perfect treat for your partner, spoil them with Le Meurice’s refreshing seafood varieties like Prawns, Duck, and Sauteed Blue Lobster.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Hit up Thailand’s favourite city

Bangkok City is a cultural hub where Buddhist temples, Animist tribes, and pop up Jazz clubs can all be witnessed. However, the nooks and crannies of each ‘soi’ (or street) are peppered with small food carts manned by the cleverest Thai grandma’s you’d imagine – and you’d be insane not to try their creations. Authentic basil and chilli chicken noodles, classic pad Thai, and even fried crickets and spiders are just some of the options that Bangkok has on offer.

New York Pizza

New York Pizza

Eat more than apples at the Big Apple

New York mightn’t have the healthiest options, but if you’re there – you must try the classic over-sized pizza joints that pack on that pepperoni and cheese. It’s the perfect option for ending a big night out, and a beautiful companion to a nice cold class of cider over great conversations with your traveling comrades.

And if you can’t be bothered to leave your rented studio apartment while your there, most places deliver. Do you appreciate a former television-featured pizza join? If so, the Soprano’s have filmed in a place called Mario’s in the Bronx!

Chinese food Down Under

China Town in Sydney is the perfect place to have your taste palette treated. A rich pork dumpling which oozes with delightful scents and melt in your mouth dough is a particular highlight for most visitors and can be found scattered right throughout the district. Trying at least three dumpling varieties is also a good tip because each one is so exceptionally different yet delicious, you’ll definitely be recommending this destination hot spot to your friends. Better still, there are places to stay within a stone’s throw like accommodation in Surry Hills.
Denise Fareweather is an avid traveller, who likes to stay at accommodation in Surry Hills when she visits Sydney.


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