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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Airport Transfers

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Airport Transfers

There are a lot of questions brought up around airport transfers and here we look at five of the most frequently asked.

1. Do I have to use the included coach transfer?

Simply put, no!

Many people believe that because they’ve paid for a coach transfer, they need to use it, but as long as you tell your rep once you land that you won’t need it (this isn’t a necessity, but it will ensure other holiday-makers on your coach aren’t waiting around as the reps try to locate you), you’re free to use whatever transfer option you like.

2. What’s the most affordable way of getting to my hotel?

Although you may believe they’re expensive, private airport transfers are actually one of the most affordable ways of getting to your hotel from the airport.

Comfortable, quiet and quick, they may have once been the thing of rock stars, but today there are companies operating who provide private airport transfers at a fraction of the cost of other transfer options.

3. I’m staying in a villa at the top of the hill. What’s the best transfer option?

Most transfers should allow you to get to your destination wherever that is, but if you’re looking for the quickest way to more rural or less well-known destinations, a private airport transfer or a taxi is recommended, purely because they’re more maneuverable than a 30 seater coach.

4. Cost isn’t an issue, but my own space is. What transfer option is most suitable?

Even though private airport transfers are often the least expensive type of transfer, if you’re looking for your own space, they’re the perfect option here, too. Essentially you will be chauffeur driven to your hotel, and you can simply relax in the back of the car and do whatever you want to with the space, whether that’s having a short nap or catching up on some work.

5. Is there a difference between taxis and private airport transfers?

On one hand, no – they both allow you to be driven to your hotel in a car. But a private airport transfer is a pre-booked taxi, which means no waiting around.

In addition, private airport transfers only charge set fees. There are no tolls, expected tips or any other charges and they therefore take the shortest route possible.

With taxis, however, as they often work on a per mile basis, you could find yourself taking an unnecessarily long route so the driver not only gets more money initially, but a bigger tip based on the fare amount. In addition, with a private transfer, the driver waits for you – no ordinary taxi does that.

Airport transfers can play an important part in anyone’s holiday and it’s important that before you simply go with the option you normally would, you actually know what options are available to you to ensure you arrive at your hotel in the most pleasurable way possible.

Still have more questions about airport transfers? Ask Marian Jaime of Suntransfers.

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