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5 Luxurious Ways to Travel

5 Luxurious Ways to Travel

These days, a lot of tourists are embracing the thought that the journey is equally important as the destination; so if you want to travel like those that belong to the elite circles, then find out five luxurious ways to travel in style.

Private jet at sunset

Travel in a Private Jet

A Private Jet

Private jet charter services have gone a long way through the years. These days, a lot of companies offer air charter services at much lower rates which are best for getaways and corporate meetings. Private jet companies now offer 24-hour concierge services which makes their planes available even at a moment’s notice. They also provide personal attention with their crew that is trained to make flights as pleasing and comfortable as possible.

What you will pay depends on what sort of jet you will hire, the distance that needs to be traveled and the number of passengers that will fly. Prepare to pay anywhere from $700 to $7,000 an hour.

Travel in a Luxury Motorhome

Travel in a Luxury Motorhome

A Private Motorhome

RVs are out and motorhomes are in! If you choose to travel by land, you can consider renting a motorhome. There are now many luxury motorhomes which provide the comforts of home – even kicking it up a notch – while you travel the road. Some of these motorhomes are so luxurious that it’s like you are staying in Las Vegas’ Bellagio, only it is rolling and just smaller.

To purchase a motorhome, you can pay as much as $1.5 million USD or more. Models that come with fewer features cost less. If you are not ready to buy it yet, consider chartering one at just a fraction of the usual price.

Travel in a Luxury Yacht

Travel in a Luxury Yacht

The Private Yacht

If you’ve got a good pair of sea legs, then you are in for an unforgettable experience with a private yacht. Choose whether you would travel with one, two, or up to ten bedrooms. Size restrictions are not applicable here, unlike when you are traveling on the open road. Out there, by the open sea, you can finally have your Hilton hotel experience come true.

Depending on your destination, how long you need to stay there and what model of yacht you would want for your family vacation, you can pay anywhere from $5,000 to a million dollars per week.

Travel in a Luxury Train

Travel in a Luxury Train

The Elite Train

Have you heard of the Royal Scotsman, the Al Andalus Express, the Rovos Rail, and the Trans-Siberian Express? These trains evoke a nostalgic feel of a bygone era where traveling through railroad tracks is the way to go.

These trains provide an effortless way to feel the absolute luxury of a train ride as you enjoy stunning sights, cultural structures and picturesque villages. The interiors of these express trains offer refinement, stellar customer service and exquisite ambiance.

Travel in a Luxury Car

Travel in a Luxury Car

Ride a Luxurious Car

This is probably what’s on your mind when it comes to luxury travels – a chauffeured limousine service! There are different types of limousine service – the corporate, airport and wedding limousine services. If you are out to enjoy a limousine ride while vacationing, then it is the first or second type that you should inquire about.

If you are out to organize a vacation with a group of friends, your family or if you are going to hold a corporate team building activity, then riding a limousine to and from your hotel is the most chic way to go. You also get to accommodate all your passengers comfortably into this stylish car.

Shella is a luxury travel writer.

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