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5 Reasons to Keep Travel Insurance

5 Reasons to Keep Travel Insurance

You never know when those unexpected moments will transform your once optimistic vacation into a real nightmare. Many people opt to have travel insurance, but some do not fully understand the benefits that come with travel insurance and choose not to accept it or obtain it.

There are several benefits to having travel insurance, especially considering that in many cases, it costs very little. We will review some of the best reasons why you should have travel insurance before your next vacation.

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Get Travel Insurance for Backpacking

Get Travel Insurance for Backpacking

Once reservations are made and finalized, they cannot be undone in many cases. What happens if your planned trip suddenly is interrupted by a last-minute medical emergency? For those without travel insurance, you can be docked for a certain percentage of the reserved trip or could even lose your entire trip’s value. Travel insurance will guarantee that you do not lose your money in the event an extraordinary circumstance occurs that prevents you from being able to go on your planned trip.

Trip Interruption Services
Particularly important when going on a planned trip such as a cruise, trip interruption protection is yet another feature to come included with most travel insurance packages. If your trip is unexpectedly halted or canceled due to whatever reason, your travel insurance will cover expenses brought on by the sudden event. If a cruise ship is damaged and you suddenly find yourself in a port town, you will be reimbursed for lodging and in some cases, food and other travel related expenses.

Unexpected Delays
If you miss your flight as a result of a late bus or incompetent taxi driver, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your travel insurance will cover you. Other events such as missed connections are also covered through this clause in travel insurance, making sure that you are not faulted for someone else’s errors. If you do not have travel insurance, you could easily miss your vacation and lose all of the money used to make the reservations. Trust us: this is not something you want to experience.

Baggage Loss
Anyone who travels frequently most likely knows what it feels like to have their luggage lost while in transit. While most baggage issues are sorted out, the inconvenience caused can be a major hassle.

Travel insurance for baggage loss requires that the airline track your baggage down and have it to the airport in question the same day. Perfect for people who travel with sensitive personal belongings, you can be guaranteed to have your luggage as soon as possible. There are also provisions for coverage in the event your luggage is permanently lost.

Medical Expenses
Nobody wants to consider the unthinkable while on vacation, but what happens if you are injured or hurt while traveling? Medical clauses in travel insurance often cover injuries that occur while on vacation, making it much easier to get the treatment you need as quickly as possible. While you may have to pay for the expenses up front, travel insurance will reimburse you once you have filed the appropriate claim.

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