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5 Reasons To Pick The Bottom Bunk At Hostels

5 Reasons To Pick The Bottom Bunk At Hostels

As kids if you were lucky enough to be staying at a friend’s house with a bunk bed, the top was always first choice. To some, it may still seem that way. While the top does have an upside, such as a little bit more privacy, the bottom bunk should be preferred for comfort and efficiency when staying at hostels and guesthouses…

1) The electrical power outlet is always closer, the top bunk may be the king of the mountain but the bottom bunk is in charge of charging.

2) Getting in and out is easier. Useful for midnight bathroom breaks in the dark and stumbling in after a night of drinking.

3) Secure your backpack under your bunk and lock it. Or always be within arms reach of all your gear that’s on the floor.

4) Spread everything out on your bed while packing / unpacking. This can be difficult on top as the ceiling is low and balancing from the step ladder.

5) Depending on the bunk bed model, the lower bed is often larger than the top. As shown in the photo.

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