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5 Smart Travel Apps To Modify Your Experience

5 Smart Travel Apps To Modify Your Experience


Traveling with a companion is always better than traveling alone. What else can make for a better companion than someone who doesn’t even need an air ticket and knows everything about the place you are about to visit? Only thing that comes with all these benefits and is not imaginary is a Smartphone.

In case your Smartphone doesn’t come with these perks, you can always download an app for it.

So, if you are planning a trip, do you know which travel apps will be most helpful? There are hundreds and thousands of them on the application stores. You will find numerous traveling tips related to these apps.

Yet, if you don’t know which ones are the best for you, you might end up compromising your money as well as your Smartphone’s memory.

Before you get lost in that huge heap of lucrative travel apps, take a look at five of the most useful travel apps we have selected to modify your travel experience.


Google Translate

There are more than 6500 languages spoken around the world. You cannot learn all of them, but knowing even a few useful words or phrases can be a great help. When you are in Japan, you simply won’t understand if the arrow is pointing towards restrooms or the lobby. That is where Google Translate comes in handy. Just take a picture of the text and there you go. This sweet little app can translate between 65 different, commonly spoken languages around the world.


Have you ever shared traveling tips about the seat you should and shouldn’t have during a flight? You wish you had. SeatGuru allows travelers to share their opinions and experiences about their seat during a flight. You can see the results in a color coded chart of the airline. Green means ‘good’ and Red means ‘not good’ while Yellow is ‘terrible’. SeatGuru has charts for around 700 airlines from around the world.


Remember all those vacation tips related to last minute reservations? It is a nice way to get discounted offers and amazing rates. Yet, such reservations are hard to find when you are new to the city. HotelTonight is an application which makes this task much easier for you. HotelTonight is a well known Smartphone app that allows you to find last minute reservations in numerous hotels across the US and Europe.


AroundMe is one of the most useful travel apps you can find. With the help of this app, you can locate almost everything, ranging from a gas station to a florist’s shop. The application has a very simple, attractive and user-friendly interface. The best thing is that it is one of the travel apps that are available on all platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows.


If you wish to enjoy the exotic tastes of your travel destination and find out the places where the locals eat, there’s an app for that! LocalEats is an app for foodies who wish to try everything a place can offer. From a five-star diner to a small, local non-chain restaurant, LocalEats will help you find the best local cuisine.

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